Its been long

I have been really really busy since the beginning of May -  since most of my readers know that my project has gone online. So I am the official IT system support for  38 agents all over the world. Its no fun of course - my Skype crashes twice a day because of the heavy usage. I have been working almost 18 hours a day trying to fix my agent's issues and technical problems. Thankfully - my bosses and agents have been nice to me and have been so far been very understanding to me.

Current affairs apart from work -  well -  we just celebrated our 10th Year anniversary of the day we met for the first time. For those who don't know how we met ( I m pretty surprised if you don't know cos you would have if you know me!) -  we bumped into each other during a outdoor musical event in Esplanade and we dated like for a few Saturdays and then we got married. Some would say its a whirlwind marriage, some did suspect it was shot gun thing -  and many many predicted it wouldn't last - one of them would be me of course.

Hubby celebrated the event by buying two sets of charms - an anniversary charm and a cupid charm -  those he bought before he left for his working trip to Russia last weekend. And on the actual day itself, 12th of June, he had pink flowers delivered to me with a sweet note. And today we had a nice dinner at a very chic Indian restaurant in West Gate. He has learnt over the years to pamper me. And I wish I had the zeal that I used to have to enjoy all these.
Last three charms on the right

Flowers and letter from Russia

I m sad to say -  the lack of interest in everything is still around me. I can't do much anyways. I thought it must be something to do with my soul or something -  lack or prayers and meditation can do this too. Anyways -  talking about prayers and all -  I have been addicted to a new thing this time.  The interest to play Sim city vanished. I have now started to watch Tamil serial -  and a religious one at that. Its called Sivam  - nothing new of course. Its been around since 2012. But yet again -  like all things in my life -  I discover stuffs late. I have seen the guy playing the main role Sivam when I pop by at my mum's place  -  she and dad watches this. And I was like so captivated by that guy! Hes like so so handsome  ( I m not drooling when I say this - i'm saying it with utmost sincerity).

But watching TV- especially the Indian serials are really not my type and haven't watched them till like two weeks ago. I was at my mum's leaving Raihaan there when my dad was watching another epic serial called Mahabaratham. I don't have much to say about this drama because I know not much. I know its a story about 5 brothers and family feud. So when I don't know something -  its wise to keep quiet. Especially when it comes to culture and religion. I kind of liked the character's attire and told mum that I will check it out in the internet. When I went back home, Sivam came up to my mind. Since I was so captivated by that hunk's good looks ( again I m not drooling), I thought of checking that serial out.

It took 3 episodes to take a good look at him -  but it was well worth the time taken. And by the end of few episodes I was hooked. And when I mean hooked-  I am really hooked. There are 398 episodes in the first season itself. I started watching it 2 weeks ago and now I have watched 219 of it. I watch it day and night. And when I mean night - once I shut down my pc at 8pm and prepare dinner and get the boys to  sleep - I will turn on my mobile and watch the rest of the serials till 6 am in the morning. Last Sat -  I had no sleep because I was caught up in the love story angle between Sivam and Sathee. The whole night.

Ok basically -  I like that guy. Hubby says hes got the perfect look for a God. For your information, my hubby watches it with me during normal hours. The guy who plays Sivam is called Mohit Raina. Information about him is in the internet if you Google for him.
Mohit Raina as Shivam or Mahadev in Hindi

Secondly, though the serial is originally in Hindi -  the dubbing is made in various other languages and the Tamil is superb. Hubby and I learnt few new words and we use it at home to kid each other. The language used in that serial is rich, strong and wonderful. It will be tough to understand at first -  but as you go through each episodes, you get to understand what they mean and you learn and forgotten words. The flow of the dialogue though slow, is rich as well.

Thirdly -  the historical background of not only the religion, but the cultural aspects of the event during that time. Before we talk about history, let me make a disclaimer - I m not saying anything bad about anyone's religion or culture. I am an Indian and I know my roots -  but then not everyone knows everything do they?  I learnt the story behind sivarathiri, the reason why the moon wanes, why Sivam has a crecent moon as a hair accessory, and about the Ganges river and so on. The story about Ganges was nice and sad actually thinking about how people are abusing it and all. But then still - i know something about it.

Fourthly -  you can learn in depth about respect in this serial. We all know we should respect our parents and all -  but this drama highlights the relationship between father and daughter, God and human being, man and ego and creation and destruction. Though they all are linked in science now - this was what it was known then.

And lastly - I m hooked because of the love story in it. It is a religious serial of course -  you cannot see much romance and even if you want to -  it takes a really really long time to see any form of intimacy between anyone. Its like watching  slow mo. I was so hooked with the love story between Sivam and his soul mate  - Aadi parasakthi. She comes in three avatars -  as Sathee, Parvathi and a fishergirl in between the story ( so far i have seen). Its the first avatar that tugs my heart.

I enjoyed the confusion and irritation that surrounded Sathee and how she realised that she was infact besotted by Sivam and in Sivam's point of view- he avoids being anywhere near her. And slowly the viewers get to know that he loves Sathee and protects her every time shes get in danger. The entire season about the love between Sivam and Sathee was so nice and beautiful and irritating at times ( i mean that hunk loves her and she irritates him!!) -  I just am hooked.

The dance between them, the intimacy between them and how they get married and all is so nice and romantic ( I am still hopeless in that). But as I get hooked in the love story, I get so emotional as well. You should see episode 135 -  when Sathee is burnt to death ( her fault of course)  -  Sivam becomes so emotional -  along with the background music- he wails in pain and cries so uncontrollably -  I was wailing  and sobbing and was in tears that morning ( it was 3am when I watched this) and thankfully no one was awake that night. It was so heartbreaking for me to see that hunk cry out.  And in another episode when he goes almost mad looking for the missing pieces of her body ( you should see the episode to know more in depth) - he will see Sathee's soul and she cries looking at him in his attire. She will ask why hes turned into such a pitiful state being a god and all - and he gives this sad puppy look with tears and tire in his eyes and says that hes so tired waiting for her and he could not bear being parted from her - whether Sathee cried or not -  I wailed and cried again. I know-   bloody drama mama me.

Well - i m currently in some 200th plus episode where the hunk got married again- its a long long story - almost 200 plus episode long to see them together. And I hope they have enough episodes to last me till my interest in this vanishes as well overnight. I am seeing this in Tamil via YouTube.

Overall -  this serial is nice. I learnt a lot of good stuffs -  history and culture wise. And I also learnt how a marriage life should be between husband and wife. This is like history - a time where women revered their husbands  - I m not sure if anyone worships the husbands anymore -  but this is during that era. And in that time, Sivam tells his wife that she's his half and gives her the power to decide for the two of them and also empowers her and her confidence. Shes already a superwoman -  but she still loves, respects and reveres her husband and soul mate and they make joint decisions after discussing. Basically -  a very nice family story - that retells how a family should be. I have not seen the kids entering the scene yet -  but lets see how far this goes.

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