Happy Fasting

Dear All

Its almost the end of the month and tomorrow marks the first day of the month of Ramadan -  a very holy month in which all Muslims fast from dawn to dusk.
I have been busy with work first half of the day ( I am still struggling with the new system) and then the next half was busy with stocking up my pantry with fruits and grocery for the coming month.

I just cleared my fridge, explored and found many long lost hidden and forgotten food stuffs in the deep ends of the fridge. Along with it, i cleared the kitchen, making it organised enough for quick cooking.

You can find the pics here as attached. As you can see - I have lots of gadgets in my kitchen. Let me start from the right - the wet grinder ( for thosai and idly), the Preety Lavender brand Mixie (I'm pretty sure its also called a grinder -  for grinding of course), my Bosch Fruit Juicer ( which was lying dormant since last year Fasting - I re activated it for tomorrow) and my new addition - the Philips Food processor - which I really really love. I do the chopping, slicing, mixing, grating all in it and within seconds too. I also mix my chapathi dough in it. I make carrot rice frequently because grating a carrot is extremely easy and I make it within 5 minutes.
Carrot Rice- made in 5 minutes

Tools of trade for tomorrow

Well -  lets talk about the food for tomorrow.

This time round, I have decided to include lots of high fibre food that can takes slower to digest rather than sweet and low fibre , white food. Also, another good news to share -  I have become a vegetarian. Well..I have been mostly a non meat eater for some time - but have given it up for good and have stayed this way for a month now. I don't think my mum knows this officially -  but I have refrained from eating it. They don't appeal to me anymore. Don't ask me why. Definitely not trying to lose weight -  but just no interest in it. Morning breakfast is going to be simple for the first day- I cannot digest heavy food in the morning. So its going to be oats porridge and a piece of whole grain bread for me and lemon rice for hubby. Well -  with lots of water of course. ( My inlaw laughed and scoffed at my menu...well they mean well - but hey what to do?)

I am planning rice and some gravy with pulses for dinner and a glass of freshly juiced carrot, apple and orange juice. Fasting gives me heat anyway and I find fresh juice a way to cool the heat. Well thats the menu for the first day.

How have I been? Well seriously I feel so tired and wretched because of the new system and  I can't help but curse the people who wanted the change of the old system. I am so so tired. I work from 10 am to 9pm from home and that includes cooking and cleaning. And I have no idea when this streamlining will stop. I really hopes it does soon. Did I say I was tired? Yes -  I still am.
I feel as if I am not doing a good job enough and no matter what I do -  I feel I m still in the wrong somehow.

Apart from that -  I am going to meet my gyn in 2 weeks time to consult her about my absence of periods since Feb ( hold that celebration thought...its not what you think it is). And we have decided to start working on the making of the next child no matter what. No matter what it takes -  IUI, IVF, ABC, XYZ, anything. Anything to make it happen. Hubby is resolved and seeing him this determined -  and since hes the one spending the money -  I have decided to start the works. The change of diet, the exercise and stuffs like that too. I better start on it now than regret not even trying months from now.

Anyways -  leaving with pics taken at Marlina's brother's wedding last Sunday. I wore a saree without my hijab for the first time after almost a year  - had my own reasons.

Happy fasting to all who are fasting along with us this holy month and may Allah gives us the patience, tolerance this month and gives us lots of blessing and answer all our duas.

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