Its such a wonderful Saturday morning! I woke up late after spending my late night watching Top Gear and Museum Secrets in BBC Knowledge and thus was not able to make it to office as promised to my colleagues.

Anyways -  hubby had made appointment to the dentist near my place to have 4 of his molars extracted. Well the dentist suggested extraction one at a time and hence today was the first extraction. Hubby had been busy eating food since yesterday predicting that he will not be able to chew anything after the extraction. As usual -  he over reacts. I was like -  " Chells -  its an extraction. It will be over less than 3 mins, not a bloody open heart surgery!?" ( with the complete eye roll and everything).

Come today morning -  he wanted a good breakfast - toast and omelette -  still determined to eat well before the extraction. I just couldn't help but laugh at his reactions. He went out and 2 minutes later I started on my yoga routine. I was in the middle of the sun-moon pose which was like 6 mins plus after he left -  when hubby came in back home. Was not totally surprised that he came in early -  but cos I was in yoga -  i did not ask him anything. Once the routine was over -  managed to understand that he feels slight pain, and he wanted to rest. So poor hubby is nursing his tooth.

So me in the mean time, looking for recipes to make soups. I have been making soups since last Wednesday -  cos as mentioned before -  I have been accused of making my husband fat by cooking rice. So its all soup and veges for him. To ensure he does not feel hungry after just a small bowl of soup - I make him steamed sweet potato as well. I feel when you are cutting down carbs -  that's when you feel like sinking your teeth on a doughnut, bread or anything that smells of carb. I get that all the time. I think one sweet potato -  a small skinny one will satisfy that urge.

So made vege soup on Wed and clear mushroom soup on Thursday. Yest -  he was still full eating briyani at the mosque -  so no dinner. He ate one banana and drank a cup of coconut milk( 1/3 cup fresh coconut milk and 3/4 cup water) laced with a pinch of turmeric to cure his phlegm that has been building up and handful of peanuts. Me -  well I was at Sumathi's the whole night, so was not able to make soup. So banana wallnut bread slices ( 3), glass of low fat milk and handful of cashew nuts was my dinner ( if anyone cared to know, that is)

Anyway - so I have this book of soups -  which I will assure you   I have used it extensively. I hate it when I have to defend myself when it comes to recipe books. People ask me -  whether I have cooked any one of the recipes in any of the cook books I have at home. I just don't understand why they ask that. To me - honestly -  I don't know if I am dumb, or they are dumb. Why would I keep a book and not read it? Of course I cook out the recipes that calls for anything except pork. I read books..not keep them as display sets.

Back to my book of soups - I have this book -  that has 400 best ever soup recipes. I have cooked about 10 plus soups out of it -  most of it - Cold Storage ingredients -  so not easy to cook. But my most favorite  recipe is Chicken Minestrone. You see basically -  I hate spending so much time in the kitchen just to prepare  lunch or dinner. I will like to have the rice, main and the side dishes as much as within an hour -  or max 90 minutes - and that includes the washing up. So I do not have patience for recipes that ask for long and slow simmering time. But thats what the Chicken Minestrone asks -  and its totally worth it. This is one dish that is heartwarming, soul filling and so delicious - you should try on a rainy day and when you are down with flu. Its so so nice. I have made it like so many times - it messes up kitchen ( when it comes to getting the chicken fried), but its so worth the clean up. The other dish -  the Moroccan Harira -  that's another soul filling dish. Usually this is found in Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurants -  and the taste is not usually the same in any two restaurants. I love to have this with pita bread -  very nice.

So I am looking for recipes that  is easy on hubby and something that I can have too without feeling the mad urge to complete the entire banana and walnut bread I have saved.
Chicken Minestrone

My soup book - 400 Best ever Soups

My fav -  Harira

Well -  thats all for domestic stuffs and such.

And also  check out the pic below:

Raihaan's postcard

This is the postcard Raihaan wrote and sent to his classmates when we were in Alesund in February. This was pinned in his class room board -  and I had to take a pic of it when I was there for his open class. So cute. ( worth it -  it took me 35 minutes plus to get this written by him).

I am leaving with one video clip of the songs that I have fallen in love with recently. Hindi songs -  really romantic lyrics and I love it. I just discovered this singer called Arjit Singh ( 2 days ago) and I only listened to this and another song called Tu Hi Hai Ashqui ( if my hindi is right -  it means you are my love or something)  - and they tug my heart. Love it. The video is cool too ( slow mo, beautiful girl, hot dude- totally Bollywood). I just googled the singer and was startled a bit -  he reminds me of someone.

The singer -  Arjit Singh.

Well anyways -  got to start cooking. Have a very nice and peaceful Saturday people.

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