Productive day today

After a long time and I really mean a long time -  I sat at my home office desk from morning, and I didn't wander anywhere but sit still and work. I was so damn focused. From morning till like now ( its 9 plus in the evening already) and I m still at the desk working. I wandered off only to eat lunch ( tuna sandwich and snacked on nachos) Whats happened to me? Am i ovulating all of a sudden??

Hubby came and all - but he picked a fight with me and went to bed sulking. Today no time to pacify big babies.

Anyway this is hardly a time to come up with a productive post. Been feeling unwell since Tuesday ( I caught the flu package). So I am still recovering. The Greek yogurt and avocado I bought to eat healthy are kinda sleeping away, By the time I recover enough to eat - i guess the avocados will be ripen enough to mash it with the Greek yogurt and eat it with biryani or something.

By the way, I m uploading the video taken by my Sony Camera when we went to the Ski Resort. It was kinda nice to see Raihaan running around in snow. So adding that here.

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