Out for a run

Hi to All.
Yes yes -  the loss of interest is still there.
But hey -  life has to move on. No one will pick my son from his school -  if I remain like this for long. This happens to me from time to time I guess.
Anyway  - I was working on my project - when I felt restless -  so I went for a run. Yeaps -  I know. This is indeed strange. I went for a run. I do this walk-jog thingy - where I walk for a while and then run for a while -  all within 30 mins.

I was supposed to walk 4 mins first then run 1 min for 4 intervals today -  but because I have been walking to and from Raihaan's school the past 2 weeks -  I thought I would do away with the routine and see how long I can run.

I am running after a break of 2 years plus ( could be more I think) -  well - I ran for 10 mins straight. Its not so good -  but I had no heart attack yet -  so its not that bad. I need to move around - if not this lack of interest will force me into something I don't want to be doing.

Anyway - ending with a pic of my results and my fat self.   A very cliched shot -  hate that shot myself.
Got go -  have to pick up my little Master.
Distance attained: 1.97km in 30 mins. Should shorten it next week

Thats just after the run-  you are only seeing one half of me..

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