Long road to recovery

One of the best insights I had over the years was finding out that I was never going to lose weight fasting now than I did during my teens. It was easier then.

The next epiphany I had was this week. I was not going to recover from a flu package as fast as I used to like a year ago. Its been a week since I was sick, and I am still sick. I am still having phlegm in my nose and this time however my body feels wrecked. I have been having this weird headache for the past few days -  its like as if my jaws and eyes are connected all the way to a nerve in my head. Hurts.

Then I found out that moping a house when you are recovering from flu - is a sure way to suicide. I was so breathless just after carrying the bucket of water to the hall and I couldn't mop effectively. I just did what I could and went back to lie down. The weather kills me too. Its getting so warm at home even with all the fans around me. I can feel sweat all over me - esp when I step out of the house -  I can feel my eye bags full of sweat and I have to be busy wiping them away before I get angry with myself and lock myself in the shower. I keep romanticizing about Alesund and complain to hubby asking him to find a job where I can see snow - maybe Copenhagen or Alesund or somewhere where I don't feel sweat. Hubby thinks I gone nuts.

Right now as I post this, my right temple hurts so bad. I am hungry ( had white bread with low fat butter - forgot to top up my whole meal bread - and a cup of green tea - like 5 mins ago) and I get very thirsty all the time.  And I have to work from home as well. I guess my productive enzymes in me went for an overdrive and died on Friday night or something. No actually -  come to think about it -  nope. I didn't sleep on Friday at all.  After completing my post - I watched my recorded series. Basically I was going through Scandal, Grimm 2 and Grimm 3 till 9 am Sat morning. I went back to bed at about 10 am, and woke up 7 pm same day. Hubby had work outside, so he had his makan out too. But the only meal I had on Sat was a dinner and I was ok with that. And on Sat -  I slept at 1 am - cos I really couldn't stay up till that late. My eyes hurt.

I am not sure if the headache I am having is due to the all nighter I had on Friday night, but it still hurts. Road to recovery when you are old-  is so so long.

Will update when I can.

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