Lack of interest

I have suddenly lost the interest in books. The switch went poof on me. I have no idea what happened.  There were new books with wonderful covers and I just couldn't bear to look at them. I walked into two different book stores and walked out without even purchasing a ring note book (something I do if I can't find any good books). Hubby seemed deliriously happy when I told him I lost my interest. .I think hubby will be happy if I lose all interest in everything but in cooking,cleaning ans listening to him talk.

So why the sudden lose? I have no idea. I have no interest in social networking except Twitter and checking out instagram every now and then. I have no interest in cooking nor cleaning. I have no interest in watching my recorded English serials and I have no interest in shopping (gasp!!!) Well actually my pay is not in so not much to shop.

As I post this via my android, I'm waiting for hubby at jcube drinking a frapp and reading a magazine about running for beginners (wtf?!), and getting teary eyes whenever I see a small child, hubby is at IMM getting some stuffs which he missed when we were there like few minutes ago.
Just a while back , I made the mistake of checking out fb and got emotional when I saw someone post about the Korean ferry incident where many children's were killed. Then the mood to wait for hubby went poof as well.

Seriously I'm not sure what's wrong. It was just last night when I was about to sleep I asked Allah to take  me back to Him. I was so tired and empty..but the worst part is... I have no idea where and why the emptiness is coming from.  Maybe it was the mood or the work I have been doing for the past few months. ..I guess sitting in one place for 8 hours every day even when I am at my own desk in my own house is not working out for me.

Well anyway I am going to pack up and leave and walk somewhere...maybe jem or westgate or something.  I'm losing interest sitting in one place as well. Really hope this lack of interest  doesn't stay for long.

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