How people interact.

I am intending to have this post short so that I can focus on my work and training agenda later on.

Do you remember the initial days of receiving email for the first time? I remember mine. It was in Poly ( ya!)
We were having some form of beginner class - before the actual school began to go through Computer class -  there we were taught Excel and Word and email. I cannot remember if Internet was part of the syllabus -  but when I think about it -  the first time I ever saw Internet in my home PC was when I was doing Project work in Poly -  so it should be like when I was 19 or 20. Almost 15-16 years ago.

I remember setting up my first email account in Hotmail and receiving emails from my class mates! It was pure fun...receiving letters via the unseen! No postman -  no stamps -  simple words in screen. No stupid emoticons or anything.

I remember after setting all these up, we would hook up to the IRC chat and look for new people to chat and have fun with. The guys I met on the internet would all ask for the email address and they would send nice emails you know? Asking how was my day, what they did and all.

Well zoom to current space and time -  what do I get when I check my email? Pure commercial ads and stuffs I rarely read about. I get all these because I would have subscribed to them to get something done and I get stuck with emails about new openings, new stuffs, new gadgets, summary about Oprah, new videos on the website I frequent and some new promotions. I hardly get any personal email anymore. Its like a void space of nothingness. I would empty out the junk every morning -  by just reading the subject of the mail.

I received a letter from one of my blog reader when I asked for some advise on my website ( still not up yet - sorry about it) and I was so happy to see an email written by an actual person sent to me to read. It was nice and refreshing to see such stuffs. I get the same stuff when I check my office email too ( but that's profession, not personal). When I started to use Email for work when I was around 22  -  there used to be some netiquette to address people you have never seen before you know? Like, " Dear Sir" and then signing it off with " Yours Sincerely" and stuffs like that.

Now -  I receive working emails with no " Dear Ms Hira", or "Hi Hira" or anything. Its more of like a command on the first line itself. It will be more like, " Hira -  kindly confirm the training session at this so and so time and these are the people attending it. From Some Asshole"

You get my drift?

The only nice work related emails I get are from the agents in Yangon, Chittagong and Vietnam. So respectful and kind. I love chatting with them on the Skype as well - they are so well mannered you know?

So how are people getting by nowadays? They have done away with letter writing ( remember the pen and foolscap paper?) and telegraph. Then it was email. If there's no personal correspondence in email -  then how are people interacting?

The same thing happened to my Message box function in my mobile. Ever since I switched to WhatsApp and Viber for messaging, the only SMS I receive in my Message box are junk. I get messages asking me to check out some new property opening, Watson's special deal and Pizza Hut's 2 for 1 promotion. Seriously - I was doing well before all these messages, I don't need all these nonsense. I used to love the manual SMSing -  remember the old days in which you had to key in the number a couple of times just to get to the third letter of the button. I loved the QWERTY in my Blackberry -  but then once I switched to Android -  I hated it. Totally hated it.

So tell me people -  how are people interacting these days? Don't tell me Facebook. Facebook is all about an individual person's life -  his/her dog, cat, shoes, leg, bracelet, cake, food they ate and all. Next you know -  they will take a pic of their own feces and will post it saying " My poo is different today don't you think?" and there will be some idiots and I am talking about some brainless fucks who can Like it some more!! What has the world turned into -  I don't actually no. So don't tell me people are interacting in Facebook -  its more like watching and being a busy body on what your contacts are doing. I am no longer interacting in Facebook, because it disgusts me already. I am getting the feeds I want from Twitter -  so I don't have to go through Facebook. If there are posts from my good friends, and If I like, they get the Like. Other than that -  you see nothing from me for a while.

So how are people interacting?  I go to work twice a week and spend the rest of my days interacting with the people in my small world. As I mentioned before, I don't have much friends or relatives, so I don't get invited to many functions or events. I have a small network of close friends whom I love and treasure and I only get to meet them once in a while so these meetings with these girls are precious to me. I chat with them in mobile or we call and talk sometimes or we meet up for lunch or dinner at times. That's how I interact. I noticed recently that we have not had any dinner with friends at our place for sometime -  we will work on that soon -  but I am afraid I m not sure how people interact. Are they even interacting or lost in virtual world somewhere? Do people even meet face to face to talk?

I used to have an ex - who would only use the phone to tell me how he feels about me via SMS. My phone bills soared every month because of that. But when we meet up front -  hes a total stranger. So why is there a lack of interactivity now?

I long for the days of long emails and letter written by actual friends or people where I can read. I really do.

This was supposed to be a short post -  didn't turn out that way though didn't it?

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