Greek Goodness

Yet another day at home. Of course not dilly dallying around doing nothing but watch my favorite serials.
Nope  - that would be the perfect day at home for me. Still working from home...not going to office this week. Its all about work and work. Nothing else.

Anyway -  I have discovered something last week. Its called Greek yogurt.
Don't be a daft I hear you say. Its been around for ages -  you'd say. Yes, I am aware. I eat well you know? (too well for my comfort actually.

For sometime, exotic foods such frozen fruits, blue brie cheese, and other unheard of veges are only found in the shelves of Cold Storage. I usually go there and spend lots of money if I want to buy filo pastry and Camenbert cheese and tinned chick peas. But now, these foods are slowly appearing on the local supermarkets stores such as NTUC and Sheng Siong as well. Well NTUC as their NTUC finest where they compete with Cold Storage -  so the finest of the food can be found there as well.

And Greek yogurt was one such specialty.  I read time and time again that Greek yogurt was good for health and though I am not supposed to be eating or drinking anything made of milk, Dr OZ mentioned that Greek yogurt is one such exception. Its supposed to be good for the health.

I tried it once in Alesund. They had this variety of Greek yogurt boxes...and this one has honey and nuts. All you have to do is open all three containment and add them in the yogurt. I had stomach upset that day.
Then I saw one in Sheng Siong -  the plain Greek yogurt  -  in a small tub. I ate that too....not nice at all.
Last week - when I was in office, hubby and I took a trip down to NTUC finest ( they have it there in 100AM) to get the dried mixed berries ( that's an exotic food -  not found in Sheng Siong yet) and I saw this new variety of Greek yogurt. This is the one with fruits in it and it screams that its better than the ones I have experienced. They come in small tubs of 4 in one pack. Its from Danone. On the pack it says that its ultra creamy -  and you know what? It is.

Oh my!! I really love it!
Its rich, creamy and nice. You have to try it.

At my working desk -  my GY and I

Close up of my fav GY.

And nope -  I am not endorsing Danone or anything like that ( though I don't mind if they send me tons of their yogurt for free) -  I just love this thing. Its not light and skimmy as in the other commercial yogurts in the Sheng Siong shelves -  this is rich. And Creamy. And oh so lovely ( you have to imagine Nigella Lawson saying this. That give the appropriate effect).

Greek yogurt are supposed to be healthy and this is delicious. So please go and try it. One tub a day. And its a small tub anyways. You can have this as as a after lunch snack.

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