Books and Cruise

I frankly wanted to post much much earlier.
But then the mood and timing must work and in my case, it failed to work till today.

I have been busy the last few days, with work and all, but most importantly I brought my mum to a weekend trip on board a Cruise to no where.
Really -  no where. We didn't berth anywhere at all -  just the high seas and then came back.
Mum had fun and she was enjoying every bit of it. Raihaan - had his share of fun too. I sent him away to child care for an hour where he was playing with kids his own age. Spent money on video arcade where he was there for another hour playing. Registered him to the pizza making party for kids. He was excited and showed off his pizza-  but Mum and I didn't get to try it -  he ate it all. And not forgetting swimming. He swam and swam for an hour plus. Overall -  fun trip for mum and kid. I was bored.

Anyway -  today I wanted to write a bit about the books I have been reading.
Somewhere in early March I went to the library to return the books that Raihaan borrowed from this school trip to the library. And during the trip there, they have this themed books exhibition, and I think it was about thrillers. You know they say not to judge a book by its cover? Well that's exactly not what I do. I do judge a book by its cover.The nicer the cover, the thicker the book, the more handy it is, I will take it. As such, I borrowed a couple of books from the themed exhibition. Borrowed three actually - and the one that caught my attention was a book titled "Larger than Life"  by Adele Parks

When I mean caught my attention -  I mean I found it hard to put the book down. I was caught with it. I was so interested in it. The last time I was this interested was during the 50 Shades of Grey season. This book is refreshing, funny and interesting. I devoured every line of it. This book was about a woman who used to be the 'Other Woman' -  ended up being pregnant. I loved the way she describes her trials and tribulations about her life and how she ended up being the mistress. Its so very funny -  I am sure you will have a smile on your face at the end of the book.

Her writing was a bit like Sophie Kinsella -  but more adult feel to it. Its as if you identify and agree with the character and as if you feel and understand the person.
I wanted more.

So back to the library I went and much to my delight there were a few more books from Adele Parks.
Borrowed a couple.

  • The Other Woman's Shoe
  • About Last night
  • Still thinking of you
  • The State We are In.

I have another book Love Lies, but have yet to read it. The above are the books I managed to complete reading as of yesterday. So like every week -  a book.

And the best book so far is the "The State we are in". Its a beautiful love story, dreamy and takes you through the thoughts of each character with its flaws and all. The ending however was unexpected and it keeps you thinking about it for days. And that's what I have been doing. I feel haunted by the ending of the book. Not the author's usual style, but it did give the shock. 

Anyway I strongly recommend reading this book and any others of Adele Parks. They are quite a refreshing read in the bus or waiting for one. You will feel sad that your stop came early though.

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