Sorry - no update

Nope I did not shave my hair off.  I just didn't get around to it. Will do so one fine day, but maybe once the projects are over -  I might do it.

Life over here at the west is so far so good Alhmadulilah  and nothing to complain about. We have a missing Malaysian Airlines plane -  that has stayed missing for a week now. Actually, I am not into watching news - so many negativity and I am not sure which is real and which news is fabricated ( can't trust them all), so I have stopped watching it altogether. So that is the big news I am aware of. The tensions and fighting in Ukraine  -  I m aware -  but not focused. I am hoping some good news comes out of this tragedy.

Due to work  ( working and managing a new project at the moment), I have not been indulging in my favourite past tie of surfing the net and checking out stuffs such as fashion and reading blogs.
Missed it. I don't think I will be doing that for some time till this project is over.

I have been thinking about a topic to post -  but nothing interesting came up. ( oh I won't say nothing interesting -  but nothing is coming up in my mind). I think I will come up with something soon enough. In the mean time,me busy.

I will update more in a while.

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