Posting on the go

Hi to all. I'm trying my level best to be ahead of technology at some point of time and as such I am trying out blogging from my android.  I have not actually tried blogging on the go because I always feel blogging like something you do when you have something on your mind. When I'm blogging I need to sit down, feel the keyboard and think.  If I have something really bothering me when I'm on the move I would usually think about it and write it later.  Not on the go. I usually twitter on the go.
So I have just downloaded the blogger application and I'm working on this and I hope it doesn't crash like so many other reviewers have lashed about.
So that's technology update for today. Learn something new people..its one of the many ways we keep our brain active. The other way is to play sudoku or learn card tricks. I have tried to get my mun involved in sudoku...but it resulted in major headache for her that whole day (talk about information overload!).
I took up henna drawing and driving and then my degree (goodness all Ds there!). Now working on project management for a change. No it does not make me smarter...learning something new doesn't make anybody any smarter but it makea them skillfull maybe at a basic level. I can draw henna...pitiful designs...but I can draw. I can drive (if I have like three days of driving in the car park cos I fogot where the brakes and the accelerator are) I know something and it makes my brain not dead...yet.
Anyway lets end the on the go mobile blogging and let's see how good it is so far.
Ciao people.

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