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A friend of mine posted a video of a Dutch woman living in Colombo,speaking to someone in Tamil.  And that friend commented in Tamil and I mean in tamil fonts that its a shame that young Tamil people have been shamed down to say "konchum konchun tamil theriyum".

Which is so exactly true. I mean I can go on and on about this about the way young Singaporeans who are Tamil speaking shy away from speaking their own mother tongue.  Perhaps their own mother forgot her mother tongue herself.

What is so shameful speaking in Tamil?  I see only the Tamils doing this,  not any other Indians. The north Indians speak many dialects but they speak Hindi and are proud of it. The mallus are so proud of Malayalam and speaking it, they don their traditional costume of mundu and veti every single day.u dun hear them say they don't know Malayalam. ..their parents will beat the shit out of them.

What's the harm in speaking it? Recently a colleague told me that Tamil is a useless lingo ans he only speaks it to his grandmother. They mix the culture and religious aspects. ..that the Indian culture is forgotten and the Malay culture adopted. So there. family down. Like him,  so many have lost the interest to speak the language that didn't die for over 2000 years.

My mum came from India.  She was from the poorest of the poorest village where they had only two sets of skirt and blouse to wear. Mum recounts her memories of going to school hungry but proud enough never to ask for food from anyone. She can go on and on about her poor childhood where they had to wake up early do farming and walk miles and miles to collect wood for the stove. When she married and settled here...she didn't forget the saree and culture she was brought up in. She still wears them today. She didn't forget her mother tongue...she still speaks it today. My mother is a stickler for all things culture,because being poor and Muslim didn't help them much in their village. She hung on to the culture.

Because of the school system here in Singapore in which Tamil happened to be the 2nd language, she took the damn bloody effort to learn Tamil in 30 days (they have this book where you can learn any language in 30 days)practice writing and reading it. She learnt Tamil as I learnt it in school and became well versed enough to help me in my homework.

Mum adopted Tamil at home so that our grades don't slip and as such Daddy spoke to us in English all the time so that our standards don't slip. I seriously don't think my parents discussed about the lingo to be spoken at home to the kids as seriously as we do now....but they made an unconscious effort to have us bilingual.

I learnt Chinese and Malay in kindergarten and I still remember the stuffs I learnt there. I used to watch Chinese drama in the 80s so much I can speak mandarin and understand it as well. ..I didn't need to go to school to learn it. I learnt Malay the same way. We had neighbors who were Malay and we picked it up. That's what I feel being Singaporean is about. So what happened to me that I took tamil in school? I didn't wilt and die.

I'm a malayalee and I'm proud of it. Its a pity that I am not as fluent in my mother tongue and my Mallu boss never lets me forget it...I understand it and speak it when the need arises.  But speaking and writting in Tamil is so much more.  The poise of it and the history of it...its  bloody old than English for God's sake.

Its because of my fluency of Tamil, my hubby found it irresistible because he never heard such fluent Tamil spoken anyone even in Chennai.  I impressed many guests in Chennai itself speaking it. I earned trust and respect because of it. I can screw someone in Tamil smiling and the non  Tamils won't even know it.  What's the fun in speaking the language of the commoners?

Wonder what are the languages lost because people found it useless.

Updated on the same day -  later timing:

I had few minutes to spare and curiosity got the better of me. So I Googled for the languages that has become extinct. The first region I checked was India and I was so shocked to see that there are way too many dialects that the ones I know. The  list in Wiki -of languages that are in danger of being extinct in India itself!? Can you imagine? Thank God, Tamil is not there.

India has a diverse range of language unlike anywhere in the world!  I will just give an inking here -  the actual articles are listed at the end of the post

  • There are 122 recorded languages in India
  • 780 languages has been counted in India itself -  but not recorded as official
  • 220 languages disappeared in the last 50 years
  • Another 150 languages could vanish in the next 50 years
I checked my neighbor Malaysia - not bad too.

  • Number of recorded languages - 140
  • Out of these -  138 are living -  2 are dead
  • 11 are institutional
  • 19 are developing
  • 86 are in trouble
  • 12 are dying
I can go on people -  but I just realized -  that languages can die. But I will be damned if I let Tamil die.

Ciao people.

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