Nothing much

Its my 4th day here. I have not left the room to venture out anywhere today.

First of all -  the notion that Alesund is not exactly that small hit me yesterday when I was looking for the largest indoor theme park in Alesund at a place called Moa. Its not walkable at all.
The city centre is small and walkable from point to point. But Alesund as a whole is a lot larger than that.

Barnas Lekeland
The frozen lake
I took the bus service 618 to another town called Moa. I am not sure if that town is a small one or not -  for it looked big to me. And from there -  its a long walk to the Barnas Lekeland -  the largest indoor theme park in Alesund. Its free for adults and 130kr for kids. We were guided halfway by a beautiful Estonian nurse called Maria, pass by a very large frozen lake, and a longer walk to an isolated football ground  - to find the colourless indoor playground. I think its the weather -  everything seems colorless to me. By the time I reached there, Raihaan was already so tired. But when he saw the playground -  the tiredness flew out of the window and there he was running around the ground, playing with the other kids. I let him be for an hours plus till I had to get him out.

Poor boy was so tired,,he walked so slow. I had to get him to talk about his favourite video game character and what it does all the way to the bus terminus which was almost an hour walk away. We managed to get the bus service back to the town ( which was 36kr per pax -  totaled to 72kr). We got down somewhere in the city centre and walked back to the hotel. I think by the time we were almost near the hotel ( we were able to see Rica Scandinavia hotel) we saw a shopping mall which we overlooked the first few days here. I got Raihaan to have a seat at the cafe near to the entrance, while i got him hot chocolate and spicy smelled bun to rev up his energy. It was only after that -  dd we go back to the room. TA was off to his fishing trip the same time were in Moa. He seemed to be named the King Fisher of the day because he caught the largest amount of fishes and also caught the biggest fish of the day.  It seems that TA came soon to the hotel room ( we were not back yet) was horrified of the fishy smell he had on -  tried to shower it off and went back to resume the HR meeting they were supposed to have.

That would explain the reason why the toilet smelled of cod liver oil when I came back to the room.

So that's the adventure yesterday.

Today -  no plans.

I need to have a car if I were to explore places around in here. And frankly there's not much to explore in the city itself. I tried checking other places around, but i do not see any bus services that goes to those places.Also -  we will be going to Oslo this Sunday and then back to Copenhagen on Monday. I have yet to arrange accommodation and travel plans for those two places. What was disappointing was that in Winter, Trivoli ( the largest theme park) is closed. So almost everything fun for kids  are closed. So I am not sure what to do. So the whole of the morning is spent on researching places and travel plans for the coming week.

Maybe instead of looking around for the next touristy spot, we should go around looking for the off beaten tracks...there might be something to look forward to. Hopefully - I mean -  we came this far. Its ok if we don;t get to the best attraction -  we get to be there and see stuffs we otherwise will not get to see.

Ciao for now.

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