Day 2

2nd day in Alesund.

I woke up wee hours in the morning again at about 5am. Still not used to the local time here yet.
And today is TA's birthday as well. We spent some time chatting with his folks in Chennai via Skype and then prepared for breakfast.

Lets talk about breakfast.
OMG! I have never seen such a spread of breakfast ever! There were so many food! Lots of breads, different type of breads, different butters, yogurts, nuts, juices,meats, fishes, pancakes, waffles, cheeses, crackers,exotic fruits, drinks etc. One morning is not enough to try each one of them. So i limited to bread and yogurt for today. It was a hearty meal and Raihaan loved his breakfast as well. He had pancakes and waffles and 2 cups of milk.

Next -  lets talk about out walk out in the open.
Did I mention that Alesund was a small nice town? Well it is. I managed to cover some touristy spots by just walking around without aim. I found the visitor's centre by accident, got myself maps and information. We went shopping to find some nice gift for TA. But I didn't get to find any. I dropped by a small shopping mall where a bookshop was the first one near the door. It was like the local Popular and Times bookshop we have over back home. They sell everything that has paper. Wrapping paper, jigsaw puzzles, gift cards, gift boxes and books - almost 99%o it in Norwegian language of course. The English section was tucked away in the small right hand corner of the shop. About 2 shelves full of English fiction.Not bad -  good books though.

I bought a small paper back to read, and then a small note pad for Raihaan to write ( I'm making him practice his writing skills during his break) and a card for TA.

We then ventured out looking for a shop that would sell bowl.
Why bowl?

Well you see -  we took this advise from a friend of mine to stock up on Tom Yam instant noodles and spicy food when we go to Norway. And TA also agreed to buy food from home because food is expensive over here in Norway. So spent two hundred dollars buying instant cup noodles, instant soups, instant porridge and tuna in tins. We can find bread and butter everywhere here, but good spicy food -  hard to come by. Also -  we can use up the food when we go to CPH next week. It might seem we are being budget conscious -  but when we can save food on money -  we can use the money we saved to purchase souvenirs back home... so no harm being thrifty on food.
Back to the bowl.

Well the bowl is important because - during packing, last Friday night, we realized that the food we bought were taking up space. So we ripped open all the cup noodles and separated the noodles,put them all in a big bowl, and organised all the seasoning. We discarded all the plastic bowls the noodles came in. So no bowls to make the instant noodles.  Hence the reason behind looking for bowl which we did find later on.

Next, find a gift for TA. Actually, there is nothing nice enough for TA. So I ended up buying a nice Valentine's day cup for him that has a heart in the  middle. Soon after buying a small Lego toy for Raihaan ( which he promised he will build it himself) we were forced to take a break. It was  not only chilling cold in Alesund, it began to drizzle. I didn't actually wear my parka suit or my gloves this time round. I wore the woolly long suit that I borrowed from my sis, the shawl from Paris and the winter boots. Regretted that fashion choice the very minute I ventured out. I had to hold Raihaan's hands cos he kept dragging his feet which resulted in him falling very often in the cobbled street. And I also have to hold on to my purchases -  so two hands -  cold. Very cold. So we took a break inside the same shopping mall where we bought the bowl and cup -  its called Kremmergaarden Shopping. There was a nice and small cosy cafe that was white and pink with good looking girls. They served the many varieties of bread and salads and hot beverage. I had a hot chocolate, took some pictures and continued to walk around.
Yummy hot chocolate with whipped cream

Raihaan takes pics of me enjoying my hot chocolate

But as I was walking I realized I was going to run out of places to explore if I did all the walking and checking out today itself. And not only that-  just as soon as I walked out of the cafe, it began to drizzle again. And not to forget mentioning -  Raihaan was bugging me to go back to the room so that he can start building his Lego. So off we walked -  back to the room. It was not difficult to trace the hotel and walk back to it. I think I was out for only 2.5 hours. I saw a lot of nice home deco stuffs that I will love to get it for some friends of mine, but they are so very expensive!!! Some of them were made in Norway itself!
Raihaan taking pic against strong cold wind at the jetty

At the jetty

So here I am sitting at the desk typing out my post of the day. TA is out for his annual meeting with his colleagues. I met most of them in the morning for breakfast itself and introduced myself. TA came by for a while during his lunch break to check out on us and was listening to Raihaan talk about the walk we had. I will be going out later in the afternoon to check out the night spots. Its gets dark at about 5pm itself.

I have to say - Alesund is so beautiful. I have been to places in India where the mountains and blue sky are the background in villages -  but this is the first time I am seeing snow peaked mountain. I was in awe most of the time I was out there looking at the mountains. I am not sure if I would get to see such scene ever again -  so I took my time to admire the wonderful white mountains and the dull cloudy sky. The pics I took, does not do justice to the actual scenery, but at least -  I managed to capture something to take it back home. I think I will fully charge my Samsung Note and take pics from there and see how they compare against the ones I took with my Sony Cybershot.

Ciao now till I come back with more info.

The white mountains
White mountains -  taken from the plane

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