Back home

We came back people! We are back home. We arrived last Sunday. All the pics has been uploaded in Google plus for all those who have.

Due to limited WiFi connection in Copenhagen, I was not able to blog for the remaining leg of our holiday.
We celebrated Raihaan's birthday on board a cruise ship from Oslo to Copenhagen, and at the same time, we upgraded from a 4 seater cabin to a Commodore class cabin with balcony because upgrade was cheaper. Since it was hard to find a cake in the local bakeries in Oslo, we requested the chef from the vessel to bake a small birthday cake for us.
Raihaan's birthday cake
It was such a delicious cake and the frosting was made of whipped cream I think -  but it was good . Raihaan loved it and helped us to complete the whole cake.

The sea trip to Copenhagen via DFDS's cruise ship was a memorable one. The weather was cold and we were not able to stand out in the balcony to take in the view for long. We noticed that unlike the cruise we took to Port Klang via Star Virgo where you don't actually feel the ship move, the ship we were on....well you can constantly  feel its ebb and flows. It got too much for us, we went to bed early cos we felt so drowsy.

The apartment from the entrance
We booked an apartment at Ascott Apartment in Copenhagen, to avoid the hefty food costs, we thought of cooking our makan from where ever we are. The room was bright, spacious and lovely. It had so many wardrobes, a fully functional kitchenette, small bedroom, large bathing room, small toilet ( its a separate room by itself - located towards the entrance of the room), and a utility room ( the size of a normal store room in HDB) inside the bathing room! It was like a room within a room!  I loved the fresh air and the sunlight actually. We were just beside the Tivoli amusement park and in the city so were like a stones throw away from most of the tourist spots.

The living room,kitchenette

The living room

Raihaan eating his cake

We spent 4 nights in Copenhagen. But because of winter, there was not much stuffs we could do for Raihaan, so we went sightseeing and shopping and walking mostly. We even managed to check out Sweden! It was only 30 minutes of train ride from Copenhagen - to a city called Malmo in Sweden. Actually -  everything looks the same -  only the lingo differs.  We only walked around the city, did not venture any further  since we had to go back and pack to return back home for the following day.

So the trip is over and done with. Things at home -  well have to restart again. My mum is appalled at the state of my apartment and thus has volunteered to help me clean the kitchen. So with her around, I will be able to make a complete cleanup of the house.

Anyway I was supposed to blog something else -  but time ran out. I will continue soon.

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