Woohoo !!

Day Four in Melbourne...in Crown Metropolitan and blogging.
What? Wait? Woah!!! What am I doing in Melbourne?

Hubby was called in for discussion in his Melbourne office and as hubby promised, he brought me along. We couldn't tag RA along cos first of all the price was expensive and he was not feeling well himself and we did not want him to fall sick some more. So we left him with Mum. We still have the trip to Norway, inshallah and he must be healthy for that to happen.

How is Australia? Well it is fun. I had sore throat when I checked in, in Mel, so when we headed out for evening walk to Flinder's Street -  it was so cold, I had to wear winter clothes. But two days later, Melbourne is going through heat wave with temperature soaring to 40 degrees and above. I had to get rid of my head scarf, sweater and shawl and walk easy.

Its been my dream ever since I completed Poly to go to Australia -  to be with my poly mates when they were studying and then working there. It was the lure of being away from the parents and being independent and being with my friends that prompted me to wish and dream desperately to go to Australia. I don't even know where to go to Australia -  all I know was that I wanted to go there. Heck it took me a while to even remember where my friends were staying - Perth or Melbourne...I didn't know and didn't care. Now that I am finally here - I still cannot believe that I am here.

As mentioned in my older posts, I sort of have no interest to go to Mel and settle down in case TA gets his job over there, so this trip was a half hearted one.

I went to two different states ( Darwin, Melbourne) and changed three different hotels and there Tennis going on here. We are currently staying in the CBD area and I feel that's where the action is actually. There are lots of food corners, alleys, shopping centres, shopping places and book shops all over. But if you go further down, or outer Melbourne, its actually more quiet and lay back. I have been walking and walking around the CBD area, the major tourists spots, getting in and out of trams and trains and exploring. I have to admit -  its a big place. I had to walk a lot and I still cannot locate the place I want to check out. I am still getting used to the trams and the locations and the trains.

TA have been walking along with me exploring the past 4 days. Tomorrow and Thursday he checks in to office and I have planned to get lost and explore some far away place such as Armadale and Toorak and get lost some where and explore. The pity is that -  the weather has gotten so hot, I really hate to walk about now. Its just not hot like in Singapore, its dry heat and searing hot. I see young adults walking bare chested and coming back wet from the beach ( still haven't seen that) and it is hot. TA however is enjoying the weather. He can't handle cold, but yes he can handle the heat. Reminds him of Chennai he says.

Well, I got to go. I am using the net connection from the hotel which is complimentary and hence the speed is limited so I cannot upload pictures at the moment. But I will upload some when I get back inshallah.

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