The all powerful IT master

I had a shock of my life just a while back.
There was an advertising link attached to my blog posts. It will look like a small green circle with an arrow pointing upwards towards the right.
I was pretty sure, I have no Ad Sense for my blog, so whos actually attaching the link to my posts?
I panicked and somehow my hubby managed to give me a hint of what happened -  within seconds.

You can also find this link and symbol in all other websites - and this is due to the internet browser you use.

1) First of all  -  don't panic.
2) This might happen in Chrome -  so open IE or any other internet browser and check if the same is there too
3) If the link is not there - then it is browser issue.
4) Go to the settings in Chrome.
5) Proceed to Extensions -  located on the left panel of the screen.
6) Disable all the unwanted extensions and save. 

That would do it.

Actually it was kind of stupid for me to have panicked in the first place, because I was going around all over the place trying to look for help. Thankfully,my hubby  -  helped me out...well of course that was after I had to admit to him that he was the Best and the all powerful IT master. 

That was knowledge sharing people.

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