Last Day in Mel

Its 1.10pm Aus time. My last day in Melbourne and I feel guilty.  I am guilty of shying away from the outdoors. There are heaps of places I have yet to see and explore and get lost, but I am scared to go out today. You see the weather has reached to a scary 43degrees  and its the hottest during the early afternoon. And I have no guts to go out and experience the sun and so am hiding in my room. I have packed my luggage, and bags, cleared all the mess on the study table and now watching tv and I still feel guilty. I did think of checking out the nearest beach, St Kilda Beach and maybe check out the Victoria Harbor Docks or something to take a look at the beach. But its sooo hot! Maybe I will go out in another hour or so...

So whats the update here in Melbourne?
Apart from my banter about the weather -  I had a nice time exploring the suburbans in outer Melbourne. I planned to go to a place called the Hawkesburn Village and then to Aramadale to check out their stores and all -  but I ended up further cos I missed the stop  ( I couldn't catch up with the names of the stop actually!). But thankfully, I saw some shops at the Camberwell Junction and dropped there. The first thing I did was to look for a shop that would sell drinks and found one opposite the junction where I alighted. Bought myself a mineral water and a packet of coconut water ( that was yucky by the way) and started exploring. I think I spent maybe an hour over there. It was more like a central to a suburb you know like having Jurong Central ( Jcube, Jem, WestGate) for the people of Teban Garden. On the way back, I checked out the houses and they looked so cute. I didn't get to see any condos or anything, not much high rise buildings around. They were like the houses I used to draw as a kid -  cute little cottages with fences around and all

After that -  I thought of exploring some more and visited the Shrine of Remembrance. I have always been a history freak and I so hate the effects of the first two wars. Even though it happened way back before even my parents were born, we were taught never to forget what war can do to people. Though alhamdulilah I do not know anyone who were in those wars, I have heard the horror stories of it and in school I loathed the Japanese because of it.

I am not a writer or a literary expert, so I am not sure how to describe the Shrine. It was beautiful,nice and peaceful. All I wanted to do was to pay my respects to the fallen at the Shrine. But again, the weather was so hot and I had walked up the small little hill , and so I was exhausted. Thank god , there was a cooler machine near the Shrine. After topping up my water bottle  and washing my face there (I felt so much better after that -  trust me) I went to the tall epitaph, that had the names of the countries that participated in the two major wars. After paying my respect, I sat under the shadows and rested until I heard a loud strong voice over the speakers. For a split second I thought  I was being reprimanded live by the admin people for having rested my big fat ass on the steps of the Shrine, ( actually I was wondering if I was committing any blasphemy myself when I sat on the stairs). Was so relived when I realised it was an automated general voice over asking visitors who are walking around the gardens near the Shrine to attend a small memorial service to remember the fallen. I was free. So I walked up the stairs to meet the tour guide, who was around his sixties, with snowy white hair and beard and big, who I think must have served in the Army or something for he was wearing an official uniform.

There were 6 of us inside the massive building structure that resembles something out of a story in Greek mythology. In the middle of the building, there's a stone that has a line from a bible. I actually do not remember the line, but there was the word "Love" in it.  The Guide explained that every year on the 11th of November, at 11am, the Sun light passes through the columns in the building and passes over the stone, around the word "love". This whole process of light passing through takes places 11 minutes. We, as the visitors get to see the actual process in a minute with a artificial light. It was nice actually. You can read more about it in their website : And for your information -  this only happens once on the 11th of November. No other day.

After that , went around taking pictures and then headed straight back to the room - by then was an hour or so later.

Well many stuffs happened after that, but lets save it for another day.
But there is another fact I have to post -  my tummy cannot handle the food here! Every time I pop any food in my mouth, my tummy hurts. At first I thought it was because of the Vitamin C we bought over the counter in Coburg, last Monday. I consumed it on Monday and Tuesday, and every time i had it, I had stomach aches soon after. I didn't really think I have an allergy with Vitamin C until TA explained that the dose was a stronger one. Though I haven't had it yesterday, my tummy hurts still. And every time after I have my food -  I have to run to the loo to release it all!!  What a bummer!

Anyways -  I have to go. Will update when I have anything new.

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