Book Review - Eat, Move Sleep

Welcome all to a new year. Hope you all had a blast counting down for the new year and the holiday for it.
My celebration was nice too. The Ansari clan walked to the Pandan Reservoir and watched the pyrotechnics till the countdown was over and then walked back home. The night was nice filled with happiness all the is nice.

As I mentioned before in my last post, I have no resolutions of my own to make since I am not that good in keeping resolutions. But I did decide to eat healthy. And during one of my shopping trips before the year end I bought two books. One each on fiction and non fiction.

The non fiction book, ' Eat Move Sleep' by Tom Rath has been catching my attention for some time. I had been seeing that book in the book shelves in Popular and Times and thought of checking it out. From the title itself I deduced that this book must be about being healthy, losing weight, and living longer with some new stuffs and hints and since I have read far too many books about that, I didn't want to buy it. It was selling for almost SGD28 and for advise such as the ones that might be provided for in this book, I thought, I might get a fiction book and keep my imagination healthy instead.

But somehow, I bought this book. And I started reading it yesterday and completed the book today morning. It was small book actually, large print, easy to understand and written in conversational style. No complicated jargon and technical stuffs that you need to have an online dictionary ( or a manual one) to have it close by. So whats so good about it that over 5 million copies of the book has been sold? What was so important about the book, that the author actually quit his full time job to complete the book by working on it while walking on a thread mill?

Actually, I have to admit, the tips and suggestions given in the book are good. And the advises are coming from a person who has been battling a life threatening illness for over 20 years, hes not a doctor, specialist or anything like that. It seem that he has some genetic mutation gene in his body that can have cancer appear if care is not taken. So he sort of does his own research to find out how to live longer in the choices he makes and hes sharing it. So that's the gist of "Eat Move Sleep".

Like I said before, the contents of the book are not new, like for example exercising is important - and this will lengthen the life and prevent heart attacks and stuffs like that. But did you know, that no matter how many times we exercise, its never going to be enough. Its not enough that I exercise three times a week, or five times a week or the full seven days. We have to be active the whole time. Avoid sitting down, sleep early, eat broccoli. Its good. So there -  simple rules to live by, only that we need more discipline.

Anyway I will recommend people who are trying to live longer for the sake of their loved ones to read this book. I realize that I have a high change of having cancer and heart disease and I can die earlier than the rest of the people of same age group as mine. I thought about it the other night and felt sad. I have put out the book for sale in eBay (lotsabookz27) and anyone interested and get it from there or call me to purchase it. I am not borrowing any books cos they don't come to me. There is a website for this book too, so anyone who wants to take up the 30 day challenge to eat, move and sleep can do so by visiting the website by clicking on this link.

Eat Healthy, Move alot ad Sleep longer.


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