Back from Mel

We got back from Melbourne and arrived Sin on Friday wee hours in the morning. It was a nice journey back because we got upgraded to the Business Class on board SQ!! Well for the first time, I was able to be in a Business Class flight on board a SQ -  I was so excited, but tried to pretend that it happens all the time (You know me!! Need to look proper or else hubby will make fun of me!!) But then again -  you know excitement escapes somehow from me and I was like smiling all the way. Actually in this whole journey from Sin back to Sin - this is our second upgrade. We were upgraded to Business Class in Silkair on the way to Darwin and then now back home. Anyway the only reason I enjoyed the trip was because I got to lie down and sleep for about 5 hours or so. I am hoping that we do get the upgrades when we go to Norway next month Inshallah.

I was so tired on my return, but I had to pick Raihaan up from my mum's cos she had to go for her eye check appointment at NUH the same morning. So picked him up, spent the day trying to sleep with him around, which was not possible by they way. And now two-three days later -  things are back to reset mode. We have rested enough and now I am working on things at home.

Its only today, that I am checking my emails both personal and work. Whilst I was away, due to mobile connections issue I was not able to update my Facebook, which I feel is a doing of my own. I am being too attached to FB again. Time to fall back soon.

Anyway I m attaching some pics taken in Melbourne, not posting it in FB -  which I think is not necessary.
TA entering to the 2nd hotel - Crown Promenade

The $12 nasi goreng in Mamaks! in Melbourne. Not bad though.

Flinders St at night.

The same Flinders St in day time

MEL GPO -  shopping arcade.

MEL Skyline at night

3rd hotel we moved..

The school we looked for Raihaan

Happy Me..with the 3 Pandora Charms TA bought for me

Me somewhere near the church.

The Epitaph at the Shrine of remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance

Pic of the city, taken from the top of the Shrine

I didn't take much pictures, because I was walking around the CBD most of the time. I was walking around the Bourke Street, Collins Street and Elizabeth Street most of the time gawping at the lanes and exploring. They were all shops within the small lanes.Nice and interesting, bu not so intriguing at to have pictures taken.

Well back to home news -  Mum is somehow not talking much to me. I feel she has shifted her mode to a cold person mode -  where shes doing everything on her own now. You can say shes not talking much. She didn't ask anything about the trip. All she asked was when TA was going to join work in Mel.

With regards to the job offer -  I am not sure. The interview was done and over with, but the upper management had others to interview. And his boss has asked him to consider working in MEL office for 6 months to test waters there before relocating , which I think is a good option. I am still not sure if its a good idea to leave my Mum behind though. Mum will not follow me to Mel cos my sister needs her too. Its selfish of me to leave Mum behind, but I don't think its fair for TA to leave a good opportunity just because his wife has family commitments. I also don't feel its fair for me to have both father and son meet up once every three months because my mum needs me around.  Even if I do stay around and let my hubby go away, my mum is not going to acknowledge the trouble I have for being away from TA. Its just another day for her.

Just last week my little niece had an accident and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance cos the tip of her left index finger got amputated when her finger was stuck at the door ledge. Horrible accident actually. And my sis had to make the dreaded call to my mum. I was in Mel when I heard this and I felt so un easy. Actually I was at a total loss when I heard it. I wanted to be there for my sis when I heard this because I felt pretty sure she was a mess herself. My mum is pathetic when it comes to emergencies. I should have been the one rushing to her house in pungol and looking after the kids, not my emotionally unstable and physically not fit mother.  I was pretty sure both mum and sis would have cursed me for leaving at such time. Even TA felt that I should have been there and not my mum. He understood that I cannot leave just like that.
Anyway little niece is fine. We just visited her yesterday and shes her normal cheerful and naughty self.

So honestly.... I don't know what to do. If only my mum could give us her blessings and let us go and have a life of our own without making me feel guilty. Or if my mum was healthier enough -  I could leave in peace. Either way - its not happening.

Will update more if theres any.


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