Tourist Spots

I hate tourist spots. Not only in Singapore but everywhere around the world. Well I have not been every where around the world yet -  but still -  I hate.

You see, they are filled with so many people, it is difficult to actually enjoy the reason it was touted as a tourist attraction. It usually is sunny and hot in Singapore and during the school holidays, the tourist spots are filled in with so many people and children. The theme parks especially gets bogged down with so many long queue -  I get so tired by just looking at the long queue. I avoid going to these places during the holidays, and weekends. There's a reason why I love being un- employed -  I love to enjoy the peace and quiet during the weekdays when everyone else works.

Yesterday, after a very long time, my sis, mother and I had a day out in the Zoo. Mother has been  harping about how long it has been since she last visited the zoo ( it was around 25 plus years if anyone bothered to know!) and finally my sis was able to come up with the date for all of us to meet and go out.

I do not want to write up the entire adventure here about how my sister and her kids came in nearly 2 hours late because no cabs come to her godforsaken new place in Pungol Walk or how we didn't go to any animal shows. All I can add is that the weather was cool and nice, we had a nice time with the kids and I am pretty sure they kids had the best time, especially in the Kids area. They had this water theme park for children -  and all three of them has so much fun getting wet.

My mother -  being the complain matriarch as she is - has so many things to whine and complain about. For starters she was not happy about the lions ( they were too thin and not majestic), lack of white tiger ( there was only one), lack of activity within the animals (most of them were napping, after feeding time), too little ( we only saw a pair of each animal -  except for the monkey families, and small animals such as goats and ponies). She also has to complain about the kids playing in the pool and the parents playing with them, the overpriced toys in the souvenir shops ( she bought 3 toys for the kids assuming each toy to be priced at about $15-17 only to pay around $70 plus at the counter!). It was like watching a comedy sitcom when my mum complains. Apart from my mum's hilarious antics -  it was a fun day. The kids were upset that they had to part each other and a small mess - up they did made my first nephew cry. He left his toy in my bag.

Apart from that minor hiccup -  it was a great day. Hope never to go to any tourist spot during any holidays again. Ending with pics.
Mum and the White polar bear

Raihaan and Mum near the make believe Igloo

The rest of the kids arrive  - all happy

I believe this is the kids meeting the skinny lion up front

Little Safeeya running back to her mum

My kids playing 

After swim

Raihaan ecstatic seeing a goat

This reminds me of myself when I tried feeding a goat in India years ago.

This is the kids all scrambling to climb on the bronze figure of Ah Meng

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