Rare historical event - Little India

I apparently was blogging about my attempt in fusing both religious and cultural wear last night, when there was an exciting, rare spectacle taking place in Singapore. More specifically in Little India. There was a riot!!

According to Yahoo News, the riot broke out after a fatal traffic accident occurred at 9:23 Sunday night between a private bus and a person crossing the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road, police said. 

Since it was still too early to say what happened -  all I knew from watching CNA and Yahoo news was that it was a riot that involved 400 people, 300 policemen. There were damages to police vehicles ambulances and private vehicles.  The video that was shown in CNA was shocking as well. Scenes of angry people having weapons in hand and rioting that were only seen in other countries are now in our very own backyard - nothing to do with the actual Singaporeans though -  all foreign workers -  especially Indian.  This will start the foreign talent  issue circulating among racist Singaporeans all over. Already as it is, there are stupid Singaporeans spewing out racist comments. Now with these types of incidents -  there will be more coming up and I will not be surprised  to see more of such comments and many more to be allowed to be displayed in the public without censure. 

There will be repercussions based on this incident. There will be more heavy penalties and levy bringing in Indian workers, there will be heavy policing in Little India, no one will be allowed to congregate and have their own mini alcohol party there. In the more general level -  further extensions to existing Indian PRs will be limited, or maybe they will be asked to go back. I m pretty worried about the latter and I hope things do not escalate to such measures.

We had the SMRT issue months ago when the Chinese drivers came up with a strike against working because of salary issues. At least all they did was hamper public transportation. Our Indian workers -  having too much to drink, and after watching too much masala movie that is all about alcohol and violence and perhaps too much feelings pent up against the situations they are in -  decided to vent out their anger. Bloody hell -  they have the right to vent out their anger at anything or anyone  - but they made a very bad mistake of venting out at the wrong place. Which idiot would think of rioting in Singapore?? I never ever thought that our Police vehicle would ever see the night upside down!

Anyway -  I never thought I would see rioting in Singapore -  still cannot believe it. Lets see how the government handles this for whatever they do right now, I am pretty sure determines the outcome for the next election.


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