Nice day

Its been a while, yes I am aware. And its just one day away to the new year. I make it a point to have something to work towards to for the upcoming new year, and I usually blog about it. But today, I have none. I will have to take my time and think about what I need to work towards and try to achieve it.

I will come up with another post, maybe tomorrow, to list the summary of what I deemed were eventful this year and what I expect the coming year to be about.

The Ansari clan, spent 10 days at a service apartment in Clarke Quay. All I did was swim, relax and watch my kid the whole of those 10 days. Since TA was working nearby, he enjoyed coming back to the family an hour earlier than normal. Since all I did was relax, I didn't have much to blog about. Maybe, apart from the fall I had last Friday at the bus stop while walking, nothing eventful happened. Yes, I fell. I was looking somewhere else and missed the step towards the bus stop and fell. Thank God for me, there was only one Chinese guy, who just stood there staring at me when I fell. Being the embarrassed me, I pretended he didn't even exist for the first few minutes I was on the concrete fall accessing my injuries. Only scrapped the knee, but swollen muscle all over. Stood up, checked if the fall has caused a hole in my expensive M&S jeggings, relieved that my jeggings were OK, brushed my pants and hands and continued to walk -  pretending nothing happened till I reached the apartment. Why I keep falling is beyond my understanding, but I cannot afford to fall every time. It affects my lower lumbar when I do that. Pain intolerable I tell you.

Another news to add -  we finally have a new couple of tenants. Newly married, very quiet pair from India. Since they arrived earlier than expected, I was not able to give them a cleaned space. So they cleaned up themselves, which I am thankful for.

After a very long time, I had a girly chat with a long time friend of mine, Nisa who's actually my sister's friend. We caught up on a lot of stuffs that I missed out on her life. I realized during our chat over lunch -  that she and I have different view over stuffs and though I am aware that we are each to our own -  it was more like a refresher to me. Its been a while since I had met up with any of my girlfriends and talked about what was going on in our lives and trust me, I find such meetings very very comforting. Its like having a bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

Being in my own zone, in my bubble for a long time -  I forgot how it was like to interact with other girls and the views others have.  When I was talking to her, I felt as if I was 100 years old telling her about my life. Just because I had been through some life changing phases in my life, I feel so old. Wonder how I will feel when I am 40. Goodness! (Going into Denial mode)

Anyway -  I had such a nice time. I also had the warning from above through her that I was missing out on my prayers  -  so thankfully to Nisa -  I started on my prayers- with the bad knee and all. I did think of taking a selfie of us both -  but I totally forgot when she was leaving, and when I did try to take a pic of her - I nearly blinded her with my flash and all.

Anyway ending my post with pics taken at the apartment we stayed last week. Ciao.

Raihaan having fun in the pool

The view from the pool

Raihaan and his cousin

Our little baby

Thats TA and RA talking to Grandpa and cousin in India via Skype

Father and Son

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