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I have sent out a request to view images of ladies wearing hijab( head scarves) in as many different ways as possible to the Google God and I received a lot. A lot. No joking there.

But as usual, I get distracted. I went through many websites, related blogs, articles.  You see first of all -  lets talk about fashion. I have no fashion sense. The only fashion sense I had before I donned the head scarf and after - is the same. Anything I wear should not look ridiculous, make me look fat and I should feel comfortable in it. Actually, comfort is the first thing I go for.  So usually, that's all the fashion sense I have.  The types of accessories I wear - are the ones I am comfortable in as well. You see, I am usually wearing some kind of trousers, either my PJs, my yoga pants, salwar, bermudas ( now confined to home wear), jeans or jeggings ( combo of jeans and leggings -  a very good invention by the way). And because I have a large frame - the tummy portion especially, I wear tops that at least coves the crouch. So that's fashion for me. And I don't usually get out of the house just like that. I wear a shawl over my neck ( makes me comfortable, because I am very conscious about my bosoms). Now, that I wear the head scarf - nothing much has changed, only that i no longer wear the bermudas. And the major color you can find in my wardrobe is black.

Black is not my favorite color - but I have read somewhere that black goes well with everything and makes you look slimmer. So usually along with my top and bottoms and a shawl over my neck -  I usually wear a cardigan -  that is long enough to cover my ass, but open in the front.

So that's my fashion sense. Wear something  - then cover it all up.

Apart from the above, I have no fashion sense - in the real sense. When I was contemplating to wear the hijab, all I knew that- if I wear to cover my hair when the time comes, then I should do it in style. I know, I know it sounds vain. I mean you wear headscarf when you become religious. Not when you want to change your fashion sense. But for me the time was perfect and no one knew I was going to wear it one day -  but I knew I was going to change this Ramadan. So armed with no fashion sense, I walked into the shawl store, depended on the shop owner to get me all the basics, teach me how to wear the shawl and then there was no looking back. But I did know that I am on probation, and I was going to have a hard time, learning to live with it. My hubby tells me that I should wear a 'L' board on my back so that fellow hijabi sisters will understand why my shawl is all over the head!!

Its been 4 months since I started wearing the hijab, and I have gone though several tutorial in learning how to wear a hijab and I am still learning. Right now, I am learning how to accessorize when I wear the hijab. I am not comfortable wearing  a head chain  ( I did not like the disco era), but love wearing the tikka. So as I was looking around for help on fashion for hijab, I came across this website called
Not only was I looking for help on fashion, I was browsing at various sources to look for inspiration for my website. Aquila Style has everything such as fashion, and videos and I love the articles posted by the columnists -  especially Amal Awad. She writes such great stuff-  nothing to do with religion at times and they resonate with me and my experience. Another columnist I like is Amenakin - she has her online shop selling hijabs and accessories and her own YouTube Channel. When I checked in today, I noticed that she has over 300 plus videos and I cannot possible go through all of them in one day, I spend the first half of my day learning about her and viewed some of her videos. Shes chirpy, lovely and I love the way she nice.Shes more like a real person to me. I noticed that all the sisters who are into fashion are not camera shy. In fact they are so confident, they take way too many pictures of themselves with the clothes they are on.
Well , I am not camera shy - but I m not selfie as well. Maybe I should learn to be a proper selfie and take ridiculous amount of pics of myself and post it. I am not sure, who's going to look at it -  that the other issue.

You can say that I am a late boomer into fashion -  maybe I am getting scared of getting old and hence want to look young ( sorry - I will still not wear the head chain), but I do want to look trendy. I still have more to search, more stuffs to buy and hopefully learn more different styles to wear a hijab. Anyway thanks to the Google God for making this happen.


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