Fashion Fusion - A try

Do you know how hard it is to mix cultural and religious wear together? Fusion is hard. I had to attend a family friend's wedding at the temple and usually -  for Indian weddings, I wear saree. Ever since I donned the hijab -  I only wore Saree twice. And yesterday was my second time. It took me more than an hour to get my saree in place and cover up the usual spots such as tummy and low back. Then to cover my neck and head - spent another 30 mins or so trying to figure out how to avoid looking like old Muslim auntie. In the end -  there was no spots uncovered. Back, tummy, head and neck -  all modestly covered. And I think apart from looking overweight -  I have avoided looking like what I wanted to avoid looking like. The only issue was that I was not able to cover my arms -  cos first of all -  I had no under garments that matches my saree.

I wore a dazzling purple silk saree that has golden hand sewn trimmings on the borders. None of my jewels were small and simple enough to wear it as a tikka -  so there was not much accessories except gold bangles on my left wrist and matching sweet purple thin metal bangles (100s of them). Like I said -  I cannot accessorize especially when it comes to creating a fusion between cultural wear and a religious wear.

As you can see -  the head scarf is not staying right -  well like I said -  still a lot to learn.

Well -  next thing on the news on my life -  our guest room and study room has been flipped. Right now -  the guest room has been painted and made up for it to be rented out. We have brought in the divider from the living room  to the guest room to divide the room into a living area and a sleeping area to create the vision that the room is indeed large. Painted the room yellow -  also to enlarge the room - any darker color would make the room look small. Still waiting for the right tenants.

Raihaan's bed came on Friday -  but the delivery guys mixed up the order and hence we will get the complete set up this Monday. But Raihaan loved the bed. I still have to get the stove top fixed other than that -  all the rest of the stuff for the rental are all set.

Room during the painting phase -  you can see  our child laborer working

Room after the revamp

Room divided into living area
 Ok I got to go. Blogging on Sunday when my hubby is around -  does not work. Our wavelengths differ.

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