Nallathor Veenai - my take

You know what my problem is? I get distracted very easily.
I was working on something, went to FB, watched a webisode, then decided to watch the full drama. Thought of ending with one episode -  but then again ended up watching one episode after another. I should get rid of that habit along with my spending habits.

And I watched the new Tamil serial called " Nallathor Veenai". All my favorite actors are in it, but like I said before due to schedules, I m not able to watch all the latest drama they have.

So far in the Catchup TV there's about 9 episodes of "NV" and I m trying to see if I can complete watching all of it here.

So far so good. No one is crying and no one looks scary. Very normal looking, very middle class type of drama that everyone can relate to. The serious characters along with the joker characters are there as well making it a well rounded drama for now.
The drama revolves around a dyslexic girl and the things that happen around her.

From the first episode itself, I knew the Father of the dyslexic child was an idiot and was cheating on his wife. It is so obvious, I just don't understand why the wife didn't see it earlier. She was that blind?? I feel like kicking that fellow like mad..but then again on another note,when a fellow who can make the viewer hate him-  it means he acts well.

Anyway-  the other characters, like Lavanya and her family -  a very typical educated Indian household where one sibling is better educated than the other. And either one of the parent condemns the weaker siblings. Very typical and something we all can relate to.

So far, I like the drama. Its cool and refreshing from all the serious drama that I have far not much I must admit. But this is nice and I will record more of the serials soon. Its actually pretty bad, that I don't know the artiste's real name. Must get to know them and review about them.

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