Ideas for my website..anyone?

Hubby and I usually have a routine that consists of doing nothing but watch the TV mindlessly during the weekend when the kid is not around.  On one such day, I bugged my hubby to accompany me to Joo Chiat Complex to purchase shawls. You see, now that I have decided to change my fashion and become a hijab, I lack good shawls. So I badgered my hubby into following me to JC complex and buy my shawls. I did buy 2 chiffon shawls and a long green Princess dress -  which in fact is so soft and so nice. Really liked it. But I think I will reserve it to wear for functions and occasions rather than to the office.

Once that shopping was done, hubby wanted to get down at Vivocity  just because he wanted to. Nothing to do there - just because he wanted to. And I wanted to clock my steps so I went along with it. It was over there that my hubby and I noticed that there were so many shops selling cloths and food in every shopping mall. Clothes, clothes and more clothes. Both men and women alike. Then there's the food. Lots of them. Some are the big fast food chains -  and some are the local new start-ups. It was getting a little too much to be seeing the same thing over and over again -  its like having too much of chocolates in one day. This is the same and so many shopping malls -  I wonder if its any different in other shopping malls.

Anyway -  back to the topic that's on my mind. Its no secret that I have a domain name of my own. Yes yes, I do. Its called  I bought that about 2 years ago - just before I started school. But because I was not good at the designing and also due to the fact that I lost interest -  I didn't work on it much. So yesterday -  I worked on it. Its up now  - but there's nothing much to look at. I have been wondering what to add as the website's content. I thought of selling my books there -  but I don't feel like doing so. I will have to purchase the e-commerce package for a small amount -  and I m not sure if I should. So what else should I add in the website?

I have no idea. Everything women related is all over in every website, so I'm left clueless on what needs to be there. I am not a fashionista -  so I cannot be writing about fashion - when my own sense of fashion is terrible at the best. I can't think of anything I am passionate about. I love to read, but I am not a scholar. I love to watch movie -  but I m not a critic. I love to cook from recipes I read and watched, but I am not an original. I cannot be writing about bringing up kids, cos I have one and so far I am doing what my mother has been doing and I am not a child care specialist or anything. So nada. 

 If anyone reading this has a clue, drop me a mail -   I will think about it.

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