Found some treasures

I had an odd day today.

First of all -  today was my mum's appointment at KKH. I tagged along with her to keep her company. After waiting for like an hour, we met with her new senior consultant Ms M George.  I have nothing against her -  but I like her. She took her time with mum, asking her questions that matter. We were the only patients left till 6pm. The doc actually spotted some stuffs with her and asked some sensitive questions. I love that doctor -  shes good. Anyway -  that's one thing down. Mum is okay GYN wise. Shes fine.

Secondly I found some treasures at my mum's place.
I wish they were pots of money too - but nope they were not what I found. I found some very old pictures of my uncles and aunties when they were in their prime. Thanks to my Dad's obsessiveness about keeping all the pics of his generation safe and sound -  the pictures of my uncles and aunties are all in good shape. So I quickly took a snapshot of each photo. All the photos I take from my mobile are automatically saved to my Drop Box account, and to my SD card in my mobile -  and i intend to save them in my HDD as well -  so that in case that " Treasured Album" is lost or buried or burnt -  I will still have the soft copies of it everywhere.

Anyway -  without further ado -  please find the pics as follows

My Grand dad -  my dad's dad. He had beautiful grey eyes all his life

My Dad and Mum -  I find this pic of my dad so handsome. He looks like a hunk in here.
Chinna maama and maami -  i think its their wedding pic.

My third eldest aunt Aisha and her hubby Abbas periyappa. They are the only loving couple in my mum's generation

My Aisha aunt, Chinna maama and Mum.

Thats me -  graduated from K2. I think I look alot like Raihaan in this pic

My lil sis and I. 

Chinna Maama, Maami, Aisha Aunt, mumtas and Sumayya

My eldest Aunt and her 3 daughters, my maternal grnadpa and maternal grandmother.

I wanted to post these pics in the FB immediately, but I have all these cousins of mine who are active in FB and I was not sure if they wanted the pics related to them there. So I only posted the pics of my parents. So for the next 10 mins, I had 2 of my cousins chatting with me asking me about the pics and all. I emailed them the rest of the pics. Waiting for 2 more cousins to come and ask me the same as well. We all want these pictures -  the pictures that holds our dearest one in that small little black and white box paper. To look at them and to know that they used to be so young and wild and had their whole life ahead of them.

Whenever I look at the wedding pic of my parents, I feel like going back in time to shake my mum hard and tell her to run away. I would cry and beg her not to marry the dark indian guy from Singapore and marry some fisherman in Kerala and lead a simple life. My mum said I wouldn't be alive if she did that. And also she told me once that even if her daughter comes to her from the future and warns her of the things that would come to pass -  she would still marry my dad just to have us. She has no regrets on that. melodramatic lah.

Mum and Dad -   seconds after they tied the knot

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