FB irritants and latest happenings

I think I am growing into a snob. Not the rich and arrogant kind of snob, the really irritating kind of snob.
I used to like going into Facebook to check out what my friends are up to and find other interesting links and keep updated on the latest happenings.
The following are the list of things that get on my nerve and I usually would not look at it twice...i would just scroll away and look at other posts that matter

  • People who sell stuffs - don't reveal the prices on the post itself. They will PM you. Why not just say out the price lah?
  • Posts and pics of corpses or funeral in the process....seriously?? I mean come on!! That's one thing that is sacred and you have to record it and share it to the whole world? Are you nuts?
  • Religious posts. I know the benefits, the goodness and the awesomeness in one's religion....but do you have to post it out? Part of being in a religion is being humble. Sadly that is missing.
  • posts that are in other languages. Seriously..you are my contact because I know you can communicate in English. If you can only speak Malay, Chinese or Tagalog, why are you my friend?
  • Pics and posts of every single damn thing. This i have nothing against and just waiting to see the repercussions of it when they find out that someone is keeping note on their every single move and hack into their pc and steal away everything they have and stalk them. I hate for this to happen -  but almost all my friends are doing this and i worry for their internet safety

You know what i like to see in FB?
  • Motivational posts. I like them. They are positive and funny. Makes my day
  • Personal posts from contacts about something they acheived.
  • Some holiday pics -  not all. But some will make me happy. I like to see families having fun
  • Jokes
  • True emotional stories
  • More speeches from NAK (its my personal favorite)
  • Baby pics  - ( not so much of them that that's all they post from the moment the baby was born till current -  God that irritates me! We call it the devil's eye or something)

I am guilty of some irritating stuffs as well -  but then i learn and move on. I just wish FB users do the same too.

Anyway  -  that's me complaining about the networks and contacts in the social network. Lets move on.
I am not going to go on and on about my life. Because its a never changing pattern. Some days I am fine, some days I am depressed and some days my hubby and I don't talk and then i m back to being fine again. So at the moment, life is back to normal and I am fine.

I have completed my studies successfully. I graduated on the 31st of Oct. Mum, TA and Raihaan were there for the convocation. The pics are in FB. I am not going to add them here. I already am in too many places in the Internet and I am afraid where else my pics will land. 

I didn't get the time to blog, for I was busy going on about the daily nuances in my life. We did go for an unexpected short trip to Bintan during Diwali holidays, I was not able to enjoy much, but did recuperate from the trip. It was nice, too bad i was not able to swim in the beach or in the pool. All i did was just relax and stay calm. I was recovering from a bad bout of back pain, abdominal cramps, fever and sore throat. 

Anyway nothing much to report. 
Signing off with some pics ( not mine) taken in Bintan.

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