Comments about Comments

I will describe a scenario to you and decide for yourself if you agree with what I comment about it.
An article is posted in a website. It doesn't matter where. It can be a normal article written about anything under the sun, posted in reputed online website -  also that can be anything under the sun. There will be a section for comments underneath -  have you ever read it? Chances are, there will be some comments that are negative. 

Now bear with me here...have you ever read them? If you go on and read -  either you would find them really obnoxious and scan them through, or you would feel like throwing your oldest, smelliest shoe (if you still happen to have it)at the person who wrote it. 

I happen to read an online article about a person who took way too many pics of her children. This actually reflected what I have been feeling for the past couple of days. At the end of the article,in the comment section, I was reading the feedback from the other moms who were reading it. Most of them dismissed this article as another nonsense. And I, dismissed all those who dismissed that article. 

There was another article featuring our local artiste Udhaya Soundary in Today online, sometime back. It was a very nice refreshing article about Udhaya. Now for those who do not know anything about her -  in a nutshell -  shes a local artiste here. Shes good looking and bubbly and shes got great acting talents. My family and I love her ( though we have seen her live once upon a time -  she was kinda arrogant -  but later I found out she was really shy! So shes forgiven). 
Well about that article -  it was about her, and stuffs like that. Very good and end of the story right? Nope.

I had to read the comments.  I just had to.  Almost everyone who commented had good things to say about her. Except for one. He mentioned that the pic of hers was misleading to the indian community and her being a South Indian - she should be leading an example.

What is she? Gandhi or something that she should be leading a life to be set as an example? Even the great Shah Rukh Khan said that he was not a mail man to send positive messages in his movies to his fans.  Shes a normal person who happen to have interest in entertainment industry. That idiot should actually look at the actual South Indian actresses in Kollywood first before zooming to our stars here. Udhaya was wearing a cotton uninteresting saree in that article that took the attention away from what she was wearing to her eyes. And that fellow had to comment about excessive lights and fake contacts. Duh. He should have that smelly shoe.

One reputable online paper is writing an article about our very own girl and instead of encouraging her and her team of people, the idiots find faults here and there. I don't care about the lives these people lead. They all have their own life to lead and we as people who watch them in the tv or online, should learn to respect them for the talents they have and appreciate them. I mean, they are working hard to entertain us. I heard not all artistes are full time and most of them have full time jobs outside and work on the entertainment industry in the side. Not asking everyone to stop doing what they are doing and start worshiping them. Just appreciate their work. They deserve it.

I think this does not just starts and end with Indians. This happens to every one, every where. There must always be a negative feedback or comment along with a positive one I think. I appreciate feedback. The ones, that tells you that you have to work on this aspect of the article, or the way that you should write should add more this and that -  that will actually encourage the writer to write better. Not comments that demeans the writer.Now that being said, I must add a disclaimer of some sorts. There are some articles that are not perhaps right, or maybe incorrect in its facts. The content may be wrong -  for that -  feedback should be given, again -  in a positive way - not demean the writer. 

 I think this all boils down to how they were raised. Their parents must have forgotten to tell them that when they have nothing good to say, keep their mouth shut to avoid looking like an idiot. This should be included in Parenting 101.

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