The passing of a great father

My friend Sue's dad passed away on the 7th of Sept, Sat. I went to her place as soon as I saw her short post in FB.
I was shocked, and sad to say Sue and her family were shocked even more, since his death came so suddenly. He died of heart attack. I guess Allah loved him more and had to bring him closer to Him. I was not able to make it to the burial the following day -  but my thoughts were with Sue and her family. I was more worried about Sue's mother more than anyone else. Sue told me of how loving and close her parents were. They were like lovebirds and all.

Sue's dad- to me- was more of an example of how a dad should be and how a husband should be. Even though her dad and I didn't talk much -  I have always loved and respected him. He could have been one of the many dads i know, but in my heart he always stood out. And that's because - he was a nice man and had a great heart. I pray with all my heart that Uncle Shariff is in a good place and he will always be in our hearts and minds.

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