I somehow think that the lack of focus I have been having the past few days must be due to the fact that I have more than half a dozen of books waiting to be read and ravished. I did buy one book a month and kept them in stock so that I could read all of them when the exams are over.  And sadly, with the Chennai trip and work in between - I hardly had the time. I have to send Raihaan to school, clean up the mess at home and work on office work. I just feel -  now that the exams are over -  my life is still stretched in various different directions.

There are things I have to do and I hate to do it. There are things that I would love to do and I have no time to do it. And there are things that I hate to do even when I reasonably like it, but have to do it because of the money -  well not that there is a big outburst of cash inflow or something like that -  but every cash flow in any direction is useful to me.

I just completed my third book of the month. Its called " The Carrier" from Sophie Hannah. Good thriller, this time with little focus on her main characters Simon and Charlie and more focus on others like Sam and Gaby. Lots of self thinking monologues and I wonder at times if we people in normal times think this much but I guess all her characters in Sophie Hannah's world are one off with lots of psychological issues. I used to think that the Americans were weird with their obsession with celebrity reality shows, and guns -  but I didn't know UK had people who were psychologically damaged. I guess we all are in some way or another and there is no such thing as the perfect man or the perfect family. All lies  -  trying to display to the world that everything was well and good and perfect. I like the book. Its good. Sophie Hannah does not disappoint.

I just spent 15-20 minutes surfing her website, scanning her blog and reading some headlines about Sophie Hannah doing a re adaptation of Agatha Christie's book. I never was a fan of AC -  I kinda thought her books were old fashioned. Maybe I should start reading her books and understand the fuss.

I guess I will once the remaining few books are read through.

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