Chennai City Gangsta - my take.

I thought I'd log in and review something I heard and saw before I forget all about it.
I am going to talk and blog about Chennai City Gangsta -  the song.

If I m not wrong, this music was created by my fav new young music director Anirrudh.
I have been a fan of his latest few songs because they were nice and familiar  - the violins, the music, the romance -  only a 20-something year old guy would know about romance....
Well he came up with this Chennai City Gangsta song for the new movie called "Vannakam Chennai" that will be released somewhere in Oct. This song somehow was officially released on the 20th of Sept and its like the 3rd day today and its kind of hot and trending in leading music juke boxes i think. Cos that's what Anirrudh's face book and twitter posts say.

Now you can check out the facts about the song, the layout, the video and stuffs like that from the Net, and also from here since I have linked that video here too. I have no interest in that movie since the hero is a B grade comedian and has not shown real acting talents since his debut in "Chennai 600048".

Lets do my review.

I always  begin listening to a new song without expecting anything from the director. Especially after going through the torture Maniratnam's been giving the Tamil viewers from his last few flops which he calls them movies -  I rather not expect anything from anyone especially from one hit wonder like Anirrudh.

Little boy Anirrudh ( I can call him that - since I m pretty sure I was doing my O levels when he was born!!)  -  did well. He can dance - though its too early to see from the video since all he did were some basic Rajni steps and hand steps here and there. He can act - I think he did a small part in Ethir Neechal where he came for one song sequence and he was given a few liner for himself. Not bad  -  again cannot give him too much credit  -  since its just a few liner.  But we are not talking about the guy who came up with the music....we are talking about the music he gave birth to.

I honesty did not understand the lyrics of the song when I first heard it. Had to go through it two more rounds to listen to the lyrics -  perhaps the visuals were distracting??  Well anyway -  I think the song starts from a girl who sings about what the Tamilians cannot do and what they do not have and compares with the North Indians. Then comes in Anirrudh and another guy ( have absolutely no idea who) dances and hand moves -  about all the things that Chennai has and somewhat mentions about Chennai City Gangstas. The dance reminded me of Gangnam Style - Psy was dancing horses...these boys are dancing chickens. No harm there.

Do I like it? Well I don't know yet. The song sounds like a train wreck at first -  but I m not a teenager nor a young adult and I need to be honest with myself and ask if I can relate to that song. Well its a bloody NO. I m not from Chennai and I have been there before and I have never seen a gangsta or gangster and I really don't think the majority of people get this song. But then again -  this is difficult to accept because its different. And for beginners they use foul language in this song.  This is the 2nd time I m hearing it -  and I do not feel comfortable. Again  -  in my defense, I'm  not saying this music is killing existing cultural norms and stuffs like should evolve...I agree. But saying foul lingo -  esp when the woman is the one saying it..sounds crude.

You see, people love certain songs because of the familiarity. If the songs sound familiar -  they will listen to it and like it. But if its new, and it does not fit well to their favorite genre of songs. I guess, like AR Rahman's songs, we need to get used to it first. Then maybe it will grow into us.

For now - out of 5 I will give 2 points for creativity and daring to do something new. I am pretty sure I will love the other songs from the same movie. After all -  it was Aniirudh who sang " Engligh Pesunallum, Tamizhen daaa!!""  -  my all time fav lyrics.

Long way to go lil bro. Long way to go.

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