Happy Eid and National Day

How do I start this post in early August?
Should I say that my final year presentation is over and our team nailed it?
Or should I say that my school is over and I m pending two more exams -  due in 2 weeks?
Should I say that the full 30 days of fasting is over and that for the 2nd time TA is not here to celebrate it with us -  hes in Chennai getting the keys for the apartment?

Well -  yes -  all these happened.
Fasting is over. Yesterday was Eid. Today is National Day -  Singapore turns 48. No work till Mon.
I didn't celebrate at home because we chose the days before Eid to fix the kitchen and room ceiling, window grills and the shoe cabinet. The house is in a mess -  have no time to fix it. I guess I will work on fixing it when I go back home.

TA is in Chennai -  celebrating Eid with his family over there.
I didn't want to leave my mum alone on this day -  so I m here. Not only that -  me celebrating Eid with them over there  - not my type.  I wonder why he likes to spend special days there with his parents rather than with his wife and children. As much as he has his valid reasons -  they seem like excuses to me.

I wish that Allah takes away the pain I feel whenever he does this. Anyway this is the second year we are doing Eid without him -  maybe I should get used to it.

Anyway - back to school life.Our  2 month long project came to an end on the 4th of August. The presentation went well and it was well liked  -  thanks to Allah who gave me an inspiration during the last few minutes of the last presentation.

Two more weeks for the exams - after that back to back exams on the 15th and 16th. And then that's it. End of school life as I know it.
I will be sad -  there will be some kind of emptiness -  but I will fill it with more studies sooner or later. I will have to work on the house and on the maintenance of it.  Today is the 1st day after Eid -  and I m fasting. Decided to fast the first six days of Shawwal.  I feel that its high time that i take interest in the religion I am born in and try to understand the message Allah has for us in our Holy Book. Too many sins -  need redemption fast before my time comes to an end in here.

Anyway - thats all for today I will update when I have the time.

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