They left...

This is day 2 without my SIL. SIL and her kids left on on the 4th of June, night flight. The kitchen is pretty much messed up -  but I managed to clear the rest of the room of their remnants and pretty much of any traces of their existence these 30 plus days. Obviously, the house is much quieter, cleaner and peaceful without them.

At office, trying to clear up my work and studies calender and surf the net and at the same time monitoring for any issues at work.

My studies are going to go a hectic a notch up soon -  with all the project work coming up. I m still not in the zone yet -  but will be so pretty soon.

I don't have much things to add, about my life or anything in General at the moment, but will do so when i have the time. Been tired and feel heavy all the time. I have put on another 5 kgs....goodness. I will die soon if i go on like this. Starting my eat healthy diet....soon enough.

Ending with pics as usual.

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