Not in town

No the exams are not over...but thank God -  the assignments and the practicals are.
Currently at my mum's place. Hubby had to go over to Norway for his usual company trip,so sent him off and came over here to keep my mum company cos shes leaving to her hometown tomorrow. I feel bad that she had to go on her own, and I didn't have a choice. My exams were nearing and simply going to Kerala was not worth the effort and mummy later didn't want me to follow as well.
Shes kinda ashamed of my overweight frame and didn't want her relatives to start waggling their tongues at  me. Shes got the point right anyways.

Well -  i m tired. Have to send my mum off and then start my revisions for the exams. I have a feeling I shouldn't postpone my revisions till the last moment this time. Hubby not around and mum not around -  both of whom are my strong pillars of strength and support. Feel kind of vulnerable without them both at the same time.
Anyway  I got to sleep. Will update more when i can.

Kid helps his dad to check in 

Display of strength

Father and son moment

Could have done a better job at this...

Kid and Father

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