Post Downtown Abbey Stress

It was such a wasted day.

It stared off normal with me preparing stuffs for the boys, and then sending Raihaan off to school, walking back home and then having breakfast while watching one catch up of any one serial. Usually, I'd watch a comedy for 30 mins in time for my assignment at 10 am.

Today, I thought of watching Downtown Abbey and guess what -   I completed watching season 3 and by the time I switched the TV off -  it was around 3 plus in the afternoon.

I was sitting in one place watching episodes after episodes of Downtown Abbey till the whole season ended.
It was sad.

Yes - me sitting in one place at such a long time is one.

I could have done my assignment at that time, or I could have ironed the heap of clothes while watching it. Nope -  all I did was sit and watch - which resulted in heavy and bad headache all the way from noon till now.

Anyway -  the ending was sad and uncalled for. I was crying miserably when Lady Cybil died in childbirth due to eclampsia. I cried for the family, especially for her husband Tom Hanson who looked like a lost puppy after she died.

And they had to kill Matthew Crawley..its like a tamil drama -  they just have to make more drama out of a perfect family. It was so heart warming to see how he reacted when he saw his son for the first time and the way he professes his love for Lady Mary. And he had to be killed within hours after seeing his son. Can there be no other cruel way to kill off a character? I wonder. He could have just been killed in the war instead. Two deaths in one season. I m afraid Downtown Abbey will not be the same without Matthew Crawley.

Matthew looking at his new family, just before he was killed

Behind the scenes take i assume.

Lady Edith, Lady Mary and Lady Cybil ( who died in Season 3)

I dread to imagine how life will be like for Lady Mary - without her husband.
Anyway -  I have to focus on my assignments. Too much TV is definetly not good for me. 

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