Kaaviya - nee poviya?

I have got a few more minutes before I start working on my assignments, so i thought of bloging about another one serial I watch before I forget.

There's this new local Tamil drama in Vasantham called " Kaaviya" thats been airing since the beginning of the year I think and the only reason I started to watch it was for James Kumar who was Raj Boy in the other crime drama called "Vettai" ( my all time favorite). Due to work and schedules, I only watched the show in catchup tv. Anyway what is my take on that drama now that its going to end soon?

Well -  the story is not a new one. Its kind of a conservative, almost a taboo subject of extra marital affair with old boyfriend, the aftermath of it, the inferior complex of the people involved in the drama and the dynamics of the relationship within everyone. Imagine the horror of finding out that your boyfriend happens to be your blood brother! The filming, editing, songs are nice. Heck even the actors have done a good job as well. I m not sure of the real char's name, but the girl who acts as Aruna is good looking and has such acting capability. The girl who acts as Mental -  Nandhini -  not bad -  done a good job. I cannot actually say one did better than the other -  for they all did a good job of crying and screaming and throwing tantrum -  the youngsters included. I am afraid that's all i saw.

As I said before, the story is not new, but just not portrayed much often. A short version of such EMA was in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna -  and that was just 3 plus hours only. I mean -  how much tears can one person go through? Wah, one person - a mental bitch happens to make everyone around her mental. Like that - but I think the director was tryig to make the viewers go mental as well. Its a serious drama -  understood -  but it was so damn tiring to see all of them crying and whining away. Esp the mental bitch ( the char- not the actual person) -  I seriously wished someone would just shake her up and give her a tight slap across the face.

My Raj boy -  well - what can I say? Acted like a youngster, married tortured man and a loving father with a coarse voice and then had a dual personality being a coward and cuckold and a marriage breaker. He could have done a much better role. Well he had demonstrated he can act ( well we all know that from Raj boy days) - but again -  too much drama -  cannot take it.

The younger gen esp  - the girl with the ultra curly hair, whose char name is Akila -  she looks awesome - if she smiled more often. Shes got great voice, structure and hair -  but her super frown overshadowed her good looks.  Not much acting -  all she ever does is frown, throw tantrum and remain jealous throughout the whole show.

The girl in action -  Kaaviya -  alamak-  all she ever does is cry and cry. I mean I understand that shes a dying person, had to find out that her biological mother is her boyfriend's mother, and that she might never get to sing on stage and die at a young age. But oh god -  can she stop crying? Or why not let her be the only one be a strong and positive? That girl looks so beautiful like Nayantara ( only prettier) , and have to say she looks good crying as well.

The only light in this drama was the guy Arjun's character. He was funny and witty and somehow ended up being the boyfriend who had to fall in love with the sister. Good job acting and being funny.

How can all the characters be this low self esteemed? No one never thinks positively?
I don't like this drama -  not for the story -  just that there's too much crying - too much for my own good.
I m not sure how else the story line should go -  but this was not the way I like. Hopefully -  Raj boy could act in a better drama. All in all -  everyone deserves an award for their performance -  but not one for a best drama. Maybe the best drama that send all the viewers to mental hospital award would be perfect?
I would not recommend this to anyone who has a positive mindset...this will just corrode it further.

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