The End...

Exams are finally over!!! It was a hard long revision, several hours of trying to make sense of relational algebra, and then another few hours of trying to make sense of SQL, all of which failed and then there was this one hour of interacting lecture with my team where i pretend to be a teacher and i expand their thoughts on the subjects ...and then the 3 hours of excruciating pain in the back which i had to endure because of the exams....and then just like soon as I wrote my last line in the answer paper -  it was over. Spent the next 30 mins chatting excitedly with the team mates and school mates and took a last look at the SMA building and left for late dinner with hubby.  So there it is people - the exams are finally over. The school has 3 weeks to come up with the results.  I will be taking three modules in Jan till April -  so that will be another intense scholarly period -  which we will look into when it happens.

So as soon as i get back home after the late dinner with hubby, I just went to the bed and slept. I slept for only 4 hours between Wed and Thur and I had to let it i tried to let the sleep take over me...which came a little late because hubby wanted to listen to Sun Tzu before he slept. So I took with my Sun Tzu's wisdom to lala land and when i woke up, the following day - little did i know that i was not prepared for the attack from my body.

Just as soon as i got up from the bed all mentally prepared to do spring cleaning especially to the study to where i my table was packed with books about security and databases and hand written notes about primary key and super key and all the formulas -  I wanted to slide them all into a box and get rid of them -  well at least that was the mental picture I had in mind when i woke up. What happened after that was entirely different. In the toilet, brushing my teeth, bent slightly at about 20 degree or so to spit -  and the next thing i know, my back gave me an excruciating pain -  coming from my 4th lumbar -  exactly the same spot where i hurt 4 years ago. My whole body was in shock -  I couldn't move!

I came out of the toilet ( after doing an express brush and spit) and tried to walk to the bed room. Hubby was preparing to go to work and i was trying to move my legs here and there and the pain continued to radiate through out my body.

It took my hubby 5 minutes to understand that I was having problem walking and another few more minutes to realize that the pain might really be bad. He helped to apply those burning medicated plasters to my back about 4 of them and left for work ...only after I pressed him to. So the whole of yesterday -  or almost about  7 hours, all i did was sit in one place. I had a tea party to attend at Raihaan's new school-  and I was not sure if I could do it, but i was hoping that if it was gas or something that found itself stuck at the 4th lumbar, i can wait or something. So I consumed tonic water with lemon and sugar, drank plenty of water -  not much food  because I was hardly hungry. The pain was immense, so hunger was not considered. I was supposed to do spring cleaning -  a massive one. I was all geared up to do it from morning on wards....but then my body has other plans.

So -  there I was in pain -  and to avoid it - I was on my couch the whole 7 hours. So since I was sitting anyway and since i m on a term break i decided to read some of the books that I bought, but put off to read till the break. And guess what? I bought the book that I thought I would not read.

The official cover of the book.

Fifty shades came out in the news for being quite a controversial  book about BDSM and I read somewhere that it was termed as a mummy porn book. That book was banned in libraries in the US and in Singapore. My favorite author Sophie Hannah -  has written her own thoughts about the book and posted her remarks in her blog. It has been decades since I read any erotic books about sex and all, I was way past that age since I was 15. ( ok not 15 -  but slightly older -  but agreeably around that time -  no more books about erotic stuffs) -and I did not want to read all about it. Also -  I mentioned in one of my post titled "Transportation, work and Dragon Tattoo" - what I thought about it then

But then -  I wanted to. (The exact reason why my life turns upside down -  cannot make up my mind about what I want and need)

What was so controversial about that book? I just have to find out. Last week, I got hubby to buy me the first book of the Fifty Shades series -thats the cover on the image above. It was on my table for a week - and I kept looking at it...the tension between me and that book building up.

So yesterday - whilst in pain -  I ripped apart the plastic cover of the book and began my  visual travel  -  to the world of Ana Steele.

My take:


Seriously it was so hot -  I swear I forgot my back pain!

The book has 514 pages -  and I completed the book in 6 hours. That's a first time for me!!! The characters were all real, the scenes real and the emotions were real -  and I was no gripped by it that I could not leave the book.  I laughed out aloud most of the time and I was in awe at some times. All I can say -  in decent terms -  was that-  it was hot and I loved it. Yes there's BDSM, but I was so gripped by fear and I was gripped with real fear when I read the other guy's was so good. Thank God there no one I know who's like that - but still deep in me -  I don't mind knowing a guy like that...but then again it strikes a chord in women -  its just the liberation streak in women who are opposing the book - I on the other hand -  have no issues!!  But for a babe to feel that kind of emotion (you will know what I mean when you read that book)  -  there has to be a certain level of attraction...the exact chemistry  I am not sure if married folks have that anymore... But  I loved the book -  I will be getting the other 2 parts of it soon enough.

Well after the book was read -  i showered and got dressed and found my back support. Wore it to the tea party where we witnessed the presentation by Raihaan's teacher and other school stuffs and then went back home. By the time I was at home, my back pain subsided...mashallah for that!

So life in general -  good. No issues. Next week will be more on work related and house related . Need to relax to give my back a good break.

Anyway that's all I have to add....will update more when I can

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