New moon

I m not sure how to add my twitter details into my blog. I m not sure of it at all. Yes I did re activate my FB, but somehow, I do not find it alluring as it used to anymore. I m trying to get myself attached to Twitter and see how far it goes before I shut it down as well.

I am in a kind of state where I m not sure if I am ok or not. I am not sure how to explain what I feel. I just feel one kind. Maybe cos its a new moon gets to me. New moon, full moon...all types of moon get to my nerves. Am I a werewolf? If I were one, I'd be a rotten one.

Got myself a 72 out of 100 for my Database Second assignment -  which I totally owe the success to Chris who helped me with the assignment the whole morning in Skype. I should get the boys something as a gift since all of them are lazy to meet up for thanksgiving makan.

Anyway -  I have to go. I got myself a huge pile of books to read, go through my to do list and review what I have been missing and check last minute mails and twits. Did I mention that I had a wild romantic dream about Vijay ( the actor). I never was his fan, and I did not watch any of his movie before I slept -  but I had the sweetest and romantic dream about him. I was all smiles when I woke up. Would really love to have more of those dreams. I really miss that feeling. Not the feeling of love mind you -  the feeling of excitement and chemistry, the feeling that makes you go out of breath, the knowledge, that the one touch can make you melt-  that I miss. Do not for once think its the Grey that's making me dream all these...even if Grey is guilty of making me dream like this...hahahah..I do not mind at all.

Back to work. Ciao people...

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