End of 2012....welcoming 2013

I decided to blog instead of cleaning my house when I woke up today.
Today is the last day of the year as per the Roman calender and I thought of not missing it in Blog.

The world is churning out more weird stuffs over this year and it gets more painful to understand digest the fact that these happen. This wretched month alone, there was this news about the shootings in a US kindergarten where young kids were killed. Then, news about a young girl raped brutally in a bus in India and was flown to Singapore for treatment. She died of her injuries. I mean I know that these things happened way back before there was something proper such as civilization  But now? When we have things such as law, ethics and moral standings...and these still happen? 

I mean they are still news to me. But for those affected...the parents affected, that's the end of the world as they know it. I was so sad when the kids in US were killed and when the Indian woman died in Singapore and there are idiots who would use this as a story for increasing awareness to Islam. I have no counter arguments for idiots like them, because I let them be...idiots as they are. Haiz. I just sigh and let it all float away...what else can I do? I could go on and on and rant..but then its over and done with. We all have to face the fact that as older conservative Islamic people die, new weeds will take over, more strongly.

On a much lighter note, the Ansari clan went to the chalet organised by Farzana and family last night and I met all my favorite people. Rajen, Ras, Fauzana, Azim, Manisha and Tiaku. Gosh...missed them all. Had fun eating the food they grilled and playing games till it was wee hours. Rajen and Ras drove us back home. 

And Raihaan has so much fun last night too. About him, well, hes doing well in Little Skool now. Hes fallen into the routine and loves going there. 

Me - I am officially trying for a second kid now. Well it started somewhere in November, but I had to refresh my memory on the reproduction theory by going through research and all and by the mid of this month, I started trying.

It will take time as usual, and this means, I have to lose weight. Tough but trying. 
When I started the year 2012 -  I wanted it to be my year..the year where I will prove myself and not let my hubby or anyone else ruin it. So far so good. Apart from the occasional guilt trip mu hubby makes me go through, this year has been good to me. I am forever grateful to Allah for the opportunities that was granted to us.

2013 - is going to be an awesome year for me. The following are not my resolutions, in fact they are my to do list.

1) I m going to be careful about the career choices I make, I will take time to find the work I want.
2) I will be there for my mother when she needs me
3) A great companion, play mate and teacher for Raihaan
4) Wonderful jalan jalan aunty to my niece and nephews
5) Have more romantic dates with hubby 
6) Surprise hubby with more fun
7) Do everything I can in my power to conceive the brother/sister Raihaan needs.
8) Work around the house more often
9) Graduate with great grades.
10) Continue cooking fresh food at home, reduce eating outside.

2013, is not only going to be my year-  it is THE year. Good or bad to me -  I am going to do everything I can to make it the year I want it to be. With the blessing of the all Mighty, I hope to receive another 12 more months of life to make this year a much more eventful, peaceful and love filled year.

Closing the post of the year with wishes from me and my family to everyone who reads this.
Love you all. Happy New Year to all.

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