Pandas and Bus drivers...

There's a lot of things we Singaporeans are...but panda crazy has been added to that list. Seriously. I was in neck deep with assignments and class when I received tweets from the trusted new channel CNA that the pandas were on the way to Singapore...and I was like...huh?

What the F has gotten into these people? I have no idea why would anyone care if Chinese pandas come to zoo? I m not sure why the famous CNA has to tweet of every darn movement  those Chinese pandas ranges from  " The pandas have left for Singapore".., " the pandas are in a controlled environment in the plane to Singapore"...." The Pandas have arrived!"....seriously? Does it make any difference to the life of the normal Singaporean if the Pandas arrived or died on the way?  I was actually expecting CNA to tweet  something more on the line of ..." The Chinese Pandas have peed for the very time on Singapore soil...."

I mean if the pandas are being eaten for being exotic like the sharks are for their fins, i would be the first one to ban eating it ( I don't eat Sharkfin!)....but pandas visiting the zoo....what is so important about that I wonder. And if that's not enough...there are announcements that they are now open for display...i mean that's why they are here for aren't they? be displayed. So whats the big deal??? Check out the pics from CNA. They are from CNA...and they are they can be reproduced here ( i think).

People waiting in queue to see the pandas...i wonder if they even visit their parents at the nursing home or make it to their kids's recitals and all. Well i m not the one to judge...but i feel there must be more  important issues that Singaporeans should be focused on. The latest newsworthy information CNA tweeted about was about the illegal strikes by the PRC bus captains employed in SMRT.

First reaction -  the government deserves this...this was many years in the making. Secondly -  SMRT should have had anticipated this. I mean come on -  they may be cheap labour - but they drive us around. Shouldn't they have good living dorms and stuffs like that? Again - I m not the one to judge. I m pretty sure, my government knows what its doing...but still i feel that this one incident is just the beginning of many more to come. Singaporeans are used to being us...docile and very obedient....not the PRCs. They are free people. I guess we just forgot that cheap labours are human too.

I have to go back to my studies. But I do hope that CNA tweets news that are newsworthy. Secondly, I really hope the bus captains get better pay and living conditions. And thirdly, I hope my government has this under control too as they have with all other things here.

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