Almost ended

And so it ended. The assignments, the stress that followed, the tensions and the panic - in short -  the adrenaline was over last Saturday morning when I uploaded my last assignment for the module  to my university -  at 6 am in the morning. No, i did not wake up in the morning to complete it, I was up the whole day completing the assignment. I was in a no man's word, working on a language that does not come easily to me. It was like learning French, where I felt I was working on a high school level French literature when I only had nursery level French basics. I understand, but did not get it completely.

Anyway thanks to my fellow team mates, they were very helpful enough to help me get the scripts and codes right. And that's one huge stress down. A week from now, oops, less than a week from now, I have ISM paper and then couple of days later, the much dreaded DB paper.

Life so far has been kind enough to me. My husband has been so understanding enough to withstand the messy home, the un ironed clothes and take aways..i m so thankful that hes not complaining. Hes been supportive of my class and hectic schedules. Grateful, as always. Thankful to Allah as always.

Anyway been busy the weekend going off to visit my primary school mate's places for Diwali. This is primary school mates, people, the individuals I have known when I was seven till twelve. I was invited to Siva's place, this time and along with Fathima and my family , we visited them. We also visited Ramani and family last weekend -  that's like a long time as well. Lots of pictures taken, here are some of them.

I m in my husband's office waiting for him to finish work. I just completed my work, checked my emails and sorted out the mess in my emails and now just blogging.  I will start blogging on a regular basis after the exams and so will networking on the FB. I am still alive without FB -  which means, I was not that obsessive about FB in the first place.

Me and Raihaan on the way to Siva's

Little Ambigai

Hubs, Ramzi and Raihaan

Fathima and the girls

Rama and Sara

Us -  i know. Me fat. The rest like kiddies

The boys at Ramani's

Me - taken for my Linked in 

Siva, Fathima, me and Hubs

Thats one shot I got of him where both his legs were in the air!

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