In Peace

Its  been a while, I admit. I haven't had the mood to blog till today. And today, I still don't have much of a mood, its just that I found a small gap of time where I can reflect on my life for a moment, and I used that to blog. Even journaling in my diary has been limited.

I am living life normally. Normal in the sense of almost being in the 90's way before there was FB, Skype or internet in the mobile devices. Life is about getting up, working on being a mother, struggling to be a good worker, and trying to be a academic achiever  maintaining my job as a house manager and being a good wife and daughter. I am very grateful that I am able to balance these hats, and I m finding peace in doing all these. I cannot ask for more. I m just glad.

I deactivated my FB, limited by Internet time by listening to songs, practicing my SQL scripts, researching for my assignments and keeping the kitchen clean. Just plain simple and normal. I will re activate the FB back...maybe once this semester is over. I need to work on getting those grades, any distraction is not good for me.  Well that's me.

Anyway, my mum has been having some kind of illness that's been irritating her for the past two months, and she finally got the guts to go to the hospital last night. I was there till 1 am in the morning, though I didn't get to see her when I went in there after school at 11pm. Met her today after my training session. Shes OK  Worried about her, but shes OK.

My in-laws are still performing Haj, they are well and good as well.
So what else should I blog about today? Well, I need to do some research on my ISM module for the upcoming assignment, so I do not want to wander around with floating thoughts....let me work on my research, type some stuffs out and then go to bed in peace and reminisce about the past. HB J.

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