September Updates

Its been a while hasn’t it? I just did not have the mood to update  my blog…I was kind of free, just not in the mood to work on my blog. I let my whole life run based on my moods, and I am not sure if that's a good idea anymore.
Currently, I am penning this in my Word document, in Mcdonalds located in Springleaf  Tower waiting for my hubby to join me for an early dinner before I start my official second semester of school. Yes, the bridging over, the fasting over, the celebration over,onam is over, the holiday over and so now its back to school.

I do not want to go on and on about what happened in the last few weeks since I blogged, though; technically I can because it is my blog in the first place, and also …I am in the mood to do so. Anyway, let’s do a point form of the latest updates.

  • ·         Hari Raya was splendid. Went to my mum’s place, stuffed myself silly with my mum’s lovely succulent dishes, slept and went back home to start yet another cold war with my husband. He did not make it to my mum’s this year around.
  • ·         Bridging classes and exams over. I think I scrapped it this time, and I hope as hell I did not fail in that…imagine..failing a bridging class…gosh

  • ·         I scored distinction in CF and High distinction for BI, Surprising since I was expecting the results to be the other way around. As per my intentions, I treated the entire Forbes office for tea by buying everyone cupcakes from Coffee beans and tea from the local Akbar’s.

  • ·         I m not sure if I did mention this anywhere in my blog ( no time to read the old posts), but our new baby Safeeyah had her name officialised and a poor goat was sacrificed somewhere in Indonesia for her…so we ate to celebrate. As usual, my mum did not make it, so I went there. No..i did not go to Indonesia…I went to my sister’s place in Woodlands. They had the Aqeeqah dinner there. Her relatives and a handful of mine turned up. It was ok actually, eating business. That’s what I did. Eat. Safeeyah was so cute and somehow that was the first time hubby saw her and he found her resembling our kid when he was days old as well. I think we have reached a milestone in our parenthood where we find babies looking like Raihaan.

  • ·         We went to Vietnam on the 1st of Sept and came back on the 5th of the same month, all expenses paid by hubby’s company. We were invited by hubby’s company for the naming ceremony of their new vessel which was built in the yard in Vietnam.

  • ·         School reopened for Raihaan and he went in today.

  • ·         I missed the first week of school the last week because I was in Vietnam…so technically speaking this is my second week of school.

So how was Vietnam? Ho Chin Minh is actually one and a half hours of flight journey away…and I did not know that. From the HCM, its another 3 hours by road to Vung Tau, where the naming was held. Though the ceremony was held on the 4th of Sept, a Tuesday, we went in few days earlier since hubby had some work to be done there and enjoy a little bit.

The trip was interesting, and lovely. We loved the place a lot. It was neat, clean and green and the beaches are lovely and nice. Well as long as you are staying in a 5 star rated hotel, everything is bound to be lovely I guess.  The boss's wife was the godmother for the new vessel. She gets to name the vessel and be the godmother for that vessel as well. According to hubby, all their company's vessel were actually given female names, but then they are coming up with a non female name this time, they are getting a lady to name the vessel and get a godmother assigned to it. I am not sure what the Godmother is supposed to do, but I guess it must be important. The company as well as the yard gave the Godmother necklaces to her and honoured her. It was nice to see her honored.

So it was fun to hang around with people I have no idea who they were for the first day and after that when I got used to them, I kind of enjoyed the whole event. In fact Raihaan was happy and comfortable in  few days we were there.
Anyway got to ciao. Leaving with very few pictures taken in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

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