Weekend class

My exams were over like a day ago and I m back in school yet again because the school decided to run the postponed bridging class this week! So i m like still not out from the stressed out phase yet. I have classes this weekend , 4 days in the coming week and one Sat out.

I m almost burnt out if you ask me. My house needs cleaning, and it will be a miracle if the boys in my house even attempt to help. I will have to work out a plan to clean my place, buy the things needed for home, help my mum with her cookie making project and also focus on Raihaan's school project where we are supposed to build a farm with animals. Since we missed out on an earlier submission, Raihaan's school teacher specifically told us to get his projects completed since he has nothing to show off. Well....he will show off this time. He will show off big. I will make sure of that.

Life is still pretty much the same. I go ballistics when Raihaan messes up, or when Moth refuses to do the only thing hes assigned to do ever since we got married ( clear the rubbish bin) and when I clean the house all on my own.  No, I'm not getting a full time maid. Moth was supposed to be arranging that, but somehow, hes not able to get me a part time maid. Well, since every woman is a maid when she's married, I will have to clean the house myself.

Anyway I m in school, on a Sunday, typing this post out. Its lunch time at the moment and as such, I have nothing much to do except bear my head ache that's been throbbing since I arrived school.

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