Messy me.

I am in the mode where I have lost control of my house. As I sit down in my messed up study room, typing this post on my messed up study table, I just came back from sending Raihaan to school. I did not sleep at night till we had our breakfast in the morning and then I was knocked out till 10 am in the morning.
Realized that Raihaan's school bag was with my mum and she wanted some stuffs, rushed out of the house, got her stuffs, got the bag, rushed out of the house, to the bus stop and then Raihaan wanted to go to toilet, ran back to my mum's place, and then back to Teban. What a harried day!

Came to a messy home, where I don't feel clean. I realize that I have to take one step at a time and stop obsessing about having a neat home, or that I have to continually clean up after my kid. I just do not know how to stop complaining. Anyway do not want to waste my time posting about my obsession. Need to complete the BI revision. Exam is the day after tomorrow.


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