Late updates

Hey all. 
Post below was drafted on the 27th of July. Had no time to update after that. 

Some updates.

My only known reader of my blog complained that all I ever blogged was about my toothache. Well helloow! It was painful enough to damage my hearing in my left ear, so I feel the toothache episode and episodes need to be posted.

Anyway, that bloody tooth was extracted exactly a week ago. I was in so much pain, I was almost in tears while sitting at the dentist’s scary chair. For the first time in ages, I felt so very happy seeing a dentist. I mean….how many people will cry with joy when they see a dentist? Almost everyone I know cry for a different reason when they see a dentist and somehow, joy is not one of it. Once the tooth was out, my life was back. Well actually not so fast. I had to recover from flu and take care of Raihaan who fall sick and that entire week was spent on taking care of Raihaan, work on my assignments and keeping up with my work. But getting my life back was so relieving.

My husband says that pain is subjective. Meaning, sometime you will not know you have been hurt until you have seen the blood or scar. My comment -  what a piece of crap! Pain is pain no matter what, and I have learnt my lesson. All that crap that positive thoughts can drive your pain away is another piece of BS!  There were few instances of pain I can remember very well in my thirty and above plus of years in this world. I remember the pain of flesh peeling of my thighs and on my tummy when I was nine. I remember big pieces of glasses pierce through my back and I also remember the doctors stitching me up. I remember giving birth to Raihaan. And I remember slipping on the floor and hurt my back. They were pain and not subjective. They were pain.

But the pain in my gums and ear was something new. If I place a very hot water mug on my left cheek nearer to the ear and don’t feel the heat - then there is something wrong isn’t it?
I hope that’s the end of the toothache saga.

Anyway, good news…sister of mine gave birth to a beautiful, strong and healthy baby girl. She’s named Safiyaah.  Looking at her for the first time jolted me for a while, because she was so small and I cannot believe that my Raihaan was that small when he first came out.  Another new person to the family -  nice to know that my sister is contributing to the society and I am not being sarcastic.

And apart from famiy news, I have completed all my assignments and submission and my last class ended this week. We are given 2 weeks of study break and I have yet to start revising. All will be done is due time.

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