Ramdan month

Today is the second day of the fasting month and I am fasting. As such, I try not to be depressive or abusive in my post today. I am working on the research portion of my BI assignment which I have to submit in less than 48 hours. I have completed the part 2 of the assignment, now doing the part 1 of it.

I may have mention some where that the wretched CF is finally over. After the BI is done, I can finally go back to my life and settle down. So many stuffs I have left as it is, need to settle it. I have nothing much to post at the moment, will do so when I find the time to settle down.

Fasting is ok at the moment. Not too bad, but this time, i find that I have gas moving up and down my spine and it hurts. I have no idea why it happens, but it hurts very badly. I wanted to say something about the Pradhana Vizha that's about to happen soon and I felt kinda sad that Jay Nesh was not nominated for the Supporting Actor role. Though I am glad one Vettai dude got it and he definitely rocked the show as well,  Jay Nesh did a good job acting as well, since he broke my assumptions that he was just a beautiful boy.
I am not sure who else were in the nomination list since I have absolutely no time apart from completing the assignments, cleaning the house ( that chore never ends) cooking and sleeping ( I m doing a lot of that ever since I started studying). I am not interested in the Actress category, since there was not much female presence in Vettai, except for the beautiful Josephine's character who was killed off pretty early in the series. I wish Raj Boy ( i think his real name is James Kumar) wins something. I would be sad if he doesn't. I mean, come on!!! That scene where the liquid from his nose comes flowing out and when hes beaten? Gosh they are excellent. Since I don't get to watch much of the local drama ( because of the kid) I have no idea where else he has acted before.

Also now I think there is a new series called Kadhal Channel. I saw only one, and it was comical scene with Ananda Kannan  and the character played as his mum. Not so impressed, but will check it out later when my exams and works and fasting are all over. Should not engage in too much entertainment this month you see. And I wonder why Ananda Kannan is back here, He's very famous in Chennai. The last time I was there, I saw billboard of him in the city. Our local boy made it big there!!

Anyway, got to go. Ciao.

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